Monday, February 2, 2009

HAPPY GROUND HOG DAY!!! :) (sorry krusty - he saw his shadow :( ) i almost didn't make this post today!!! i'm still on my daily streak-how long can i keep this goin?

i love ground hogs day - and i love winter so
i'm really excited that we're gonna have MORE winter!! I KNOW!! so many of you LOVE spring - so do i - but i also love to build a fire and snuggle on the couch with coffee and a good book!! Awwww, who am i foolin?!?!

anyway - the REAL reason you're reading this blog......
ganza stuff!! So - the first vendor that we're going to "feature" is 2chicks designs!! I'm SOOOOO excited for them - they're going through some great changes - with both their company, designs and logo!!! Check out their website on the sidebar in your spare time!!! Anywho - here are some sneeks for ya!! I'm SOOOO super stoked about these!!!

Kristy - these shirts are similar to the ones we love from the BOA!! :)

Shandra - this one reminds me of YOU!! :)
So - whatdoya think!??! are you JUST as excited!??! Okay - so the seating chart is done, check - apparel order turned in, check - annnnnnd that's alllll i have to show for my productive day!!! I am hoping to finish up the program for CAG, i'm really having fun playing around with my mac for some of this stuff! it's really pretty easy!! - KINDA!!!

I will be sending out ONE LAST REMINDER
GANZA EMAIL - most of it is just repeats from the blog posts and any late news that might be needed, so be looking for that! also - i'm HOPING to feature some more information from our vendors.........The Angel Company is *maybe* gonna be having classes this time......Sassy Bags just got back from market and has some AWESOME new handbags!!!! Scentsy has some GReAT scents and warmers for you! Julie will be there with her wonderful button rings and pendants.......creative impressions will be there to emboss your albums.......creative memories of course with all of your CM needs!! The DIVA's are coming - and i'm SURE they've got some great alterable kits for you!!! So- stay tuned!!!