Friday, February 13, 2009

still no slide show! but HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

okay - so still working on the slide show - HARD to believe that one week ago now - we were FULL at it at crop*A*ganza!!! WOW - time flies!

okay - so YESTERDAY a friend/customer came in to the store picking up some supplies - she was working on a valentines day gift for her husband......."52 reasons i love you" - with a deck of cards!! She'd seen it online and thought she'd try it!! Soooo, i thought - hmmm, that's a great idea - maybe i'll do that NEXT YEAR!!! NOPE - not me - i HAVE to do it NOW!! so at 2:00 today i began!!! good news is that i had WAY more than 52 reasons!! (thats a good sign!) ..... and now it's 8:15 and the gift is WRAPPED and ready to go!! WOW!! It was fun and really a great idea to remember and put things into perspective about your significant other....okay - enough mushy stuff - here it is!!

i PROMISE a blog update before sunday - i'm just really struggling with this slideshow - music and captions....the OCD side of me won't let me just "post it" - YET!!