Wednesday, February 4, 2009


oh yes, smelli - i DID put this on here!!

okay - i KNOW that there is more than 1 day and 12 hours until ganza - but with all the excitement - it FEELS as though there are only 1 day and 12 hours until ganza!! ha ha!!!

soooo - the program is FINALLY completed!! 12 hours....yes - you read that right - i spent 6 hours the FIRST time (before my MAC DADDY froze up and lost everything) - then 6 hours again....i must say i like the final outcome better than the previous draft!! YOU ALL had BEST be likin it!! ( i meant to talk like that!!!!) i tried a lil something different with our program this time!!!! it's not ELABORATE - but it was a new program that i hadn't used before on my make....iwork - jana have you downloaded this yet?!?!?! i love it!!!! anyway - as i'm typing this to you and my head is spinning in 12 other directions - i realized that i forgot to list the local restaurants.....DARN!! gonna have to figure something out!!! anyway - the photos above are a lil PREVIEW of who and WHAT is on the program!! i had SO much fun doing these!!!!! hope you enjoy them as well!!!!

okay - so sarah and i are out to sams, party city and other locations for our SHOPPING day!!! wish us luck, and hoping that the car doesn't drag the ground as we load up the water, soda and snacks!!!!

i've received several emails about timing, what to bring, other questions and so forth - i AM going to send out ONE LAST email newsletter tonight - HOPEFULLY answering all of your questions - I WILL POST THE LINK TO THE NEWSLETTER ON HERE IN CASE YOU DON'T RECEIVE IT FOR SOME REASON!!!!

Another one of our fabulous vendors - DIVA DESIGNS has some great things planned for you guys this weekend!!!

Easels, regular price of $16, at Ganza only $12

Easel kits, regular price of $5, at Ganza only $2.50

Mirror boards will be 25% off while supplies last.

We will also be doing a make and take of pebble magnets at our booth at various times during the crop.

You can be CERTAIN of some LATE NIGHT craziness and specials for you night owls!!! :)

Just to clear up some confusion (this will also be in the newsletter) - check in for CROPPERS is NOON! Vendors - i am sending you an updated email!!!


okay - i'll be back with more later! with some MORE exciting news for ganz-goers from MAPLE MEMORIES!!! you'll wanna hear this!!!!