Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Creative Impressions!

Here is a message from another one of our vendors!!! (Becky & Carolyn have been to every ganza we've had!!!) - i love their service, it's unique, personal and VERY AFFORDABLE!!! I'm bringing my WeR albums to see if they can put the boys' names on the front for their school albums!!!!

Hello Sweet Escapee's!!

First I want you to imagine all the "sweet" albums you have created for your family. All the hard work you have put into each page. All the sweet smiles you get from family and friends as they look through them. Now imagine how much SWEETER it would be to see your baby girls name on the cover of her baby album, or your family name on the spine of your family photos, or your son's cub scout troop number on that scouting album. That is why Creative Impressions will be at the Cropaganza Sweet Escape 2009, to personalize your albums and make them just a little bit sweeter!! Come by our booth and see what we can do. I know that many ganza goers have already had their albums personalized and LOVE IT!

Creative Impressions uses a heated foil imprinting service that is compatible with most types of albums (just bring yours up and we can tell you for sure!) The basic cost is $8 per line with discounts for duplicate lines (see order form for details). We can also add die shapes to the cover, making it so sweet it could cause decay!!! Imagine a set of baby feet on that baby album or a Christmas tree on your holiday album. We have many dies to choose from, you'll just have to check it out! So, don't forget to pack your spines, covers or the whole album as you get ready to head out to the Sweet Escape!!! Take advantage of our SWEET deal for the weekend! You'll find a coupon at your seat!!

Carolyn McGowen and Becky Eck
620-244-5501 316-524-6727
creativeimpressionsforyou@hotmail.com lilred88m@hotmail.com

hopefully i'll be back LATER today with some more "411" for ya!! :) - OH - don't forget your playlists!!! if you have an ipod that you listen to - don't forget to upload your favorite tunes and CHARGE your battery!!!! I'm working on some GREAT "mojo" music for ya this weekend and some PART-AY music for saturday LATE night!!!