Friday, February 13, 2009

small lil valentine update!

Happy Valentines Day!!

So - my oldest (8yrs) wanted to MAKE his own Valentines!!! Now - as a MOM who scrapbooks...i was THRILLED - however - he is a boy - and with that comes the stigma that "HES A BOY"!!!! so - i was a little curious as to what he had in mind!!! He does scrapbook his sports pictures - so he kinda knows what he's doing!!! So - he comes into the store - and ALL ON HIS OWN (with a teenie weenie bit of help from his mamaw!) here's what he came up with !!! I MUST say that i am VERY impressed!!!

So - a few days ago - Monica comes in with the cutest little sugar cookies on a stick!!! I totally stole the idea and went right out and bought my own's the finished product!! These are just a lil something for the boys teachers'......

now - i'm still working on the slide show - but it has to be PERFECT!!! it's worth the wait!! so far it's like 10 minutes long!!!! I'm heading to the school now - for the first of two valentines parties today - so hang in there - it's on the list of things to do today!!!