Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Attic Wednesday Sketch Challenge #21

Have you ever done a Round "Map"...or sketch?? Don't be thrown off by it's "roundness".....ha!  that would make a GREAT hallmark card wouldn't it! :) :)   Anyway, back to the subject at hand....the Wednesday Sketch Challenge.....i like to mix things up a bit every once in awhile.....but if you're not into the ROUND of it all....take that away - or layer it with a large ROUND background on top of your cardstock!!  Thing OUTSIDE the traditional CIRCLE! :)

This sketch comes from Page Maps....and your WORDS of wisdom:  "Somewhere in the middle of our everyday world, you have made my life EXTRAordinary!"...i love this!!  (  I love reading something like that statement and having the PERFECT picture, or subject, or occassion come to mind and it all comes together!!  Hope these wednesday challenges are doing "somethin' " like that for you!!

Hope you have a great wednesday.....don't forget - no rules - you can post these on our facebook page....check out the AWSC posts from weeks past for more details and information!!!