Thursday, August 5, 2010

Attic Kit Club Sneakie Poo!! :)

We've had an overwhelming response to our monthly's been AWESOME to see the excitement of all of our subscribers and all the fun that they're having with the kit each month!  (and SO are WE!!).....we do make EXTRA kits, for those of you that might want to just "try" it out before you dive in to a subscription!!  AND - you can ALWAYS PRE-order the next month, by calling or emailing the store and we'll reserve an extra one for ya!!!

Sooo, because i actually have some *extra* time on my hands this month, i thought i'd give you a little sampling of the August kit!!  I can't guarantee i'll be able to do this each month (it's a time thang, ya know!!) i hope you  ENJOY!!!  Each month we include a 2 page 12x12 COLOR copied insert in your kit!!  This insert looks something like this....
We include all the layouts that WE have created/designed using the same kit, for your reference, inspiration or just for viewing pleasure!!!  We don't give step by step instructions for each layout, giving you the freedom to make it your own...but we DO give you a tip or technique for each layout!  Sometimes even just a little somethin' that we learned using a new tool or trial and error!!

Each monthly kit varies in variety!!  There's always *at least* 2 alphabets, dimensional and flat embellishments.  We always complete AT LEAST 8 12x12 layouts.  The past three months we have accomplished FOURTEEN layouts!!  That's prettttty darn cool, if you ask me!!  All of these great layouts in ONE bag!!  The ONLY thing that is NOT included in our Monthly Kit is the cardstock that we use to complete the layouts.  We offer it separately as an "add on"....allowing you to choose from your OWN cardstock selection OR purchasing all of ours in one pkg!!  PLUS, we try to work a month AHEAD....allowing you to "plan" for your holiday/seasonal pictures!!!  So, for example, we did some patriotic/4th of July related paper and bellies in June!

We have quite a few subscribers that save all their kits for a weekend crop!!  This way, they don't have to THINK about matching paper with cardstock and embellishments - you can just grab your kits & pictures - throw them in your tool bag and you're set to accomplish GREATNESS!! :)

Here are a few "sneaks" from the AUGUST kit....i can't show you too too much, because that's one of the perks of being a subscriber, ya know!! ; )
And here are a FEW of the items that are included inside the AUGUST kit!  Our "theme" (if you will) was Birthdays....we're celebrating our FIRST year as a kit club!! :)  YEAH!!  But, as you can see from a few of the layouts that we completed....the product that we chose does not FORCE itself to be Birthday themed!  (and this is the same for all of our kits!!) hopefully this will give you a little "peak" into a sampling of whats in our monthly kit club!!  We do make "extra" kits for those that like to take a chance each month!!  As of right now we only have 6 remaining to sell!!  We have all of the layouts that we create each month, hanging on our "Attic Monthly Kit Wall" each month....come in and check them out if you're in the area....if you're not - we will GLADLY ship!! ;)

If you'd like to sign up or for more information - you can visit our website !!


Lindsay said...

Love the kit club, especially the last couple of months! Sign me up for a lifetime subscription!!!