Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Attic Wednesday Sketch Challenge #24

How are you doing?!?!  Are ANY of you out there following these Challenges!??!  Saving them for later!?!?  Are they sparking your creativity!?!  Peaking your interest!?!?!  Are you hesitant to jump in?  Join us??  This is an EXCELLENT way to get your feet wet with sketches!!  Come on - you KNOW you wanna try it! :)

This weeks challenge was found at Pencil Lines!!  It's a SINGLE page layout.....still love doin' these!!  They never get old!!

 and i love when they give you the dimensions of the photos too, it really takes some of the guess work out of it for me!!? 

"Today was Good, Today was Fun, Tomorrow is another one!" ~ Dr. Seuss