Friday, September 10, 2010

One Down....Forty to Go!!!

For whatever reason, I started with Christmas!  Usually I work most current and go back from there.  But today I pulled out fthe December CITA kit and am going to get Christmas knocked out today!!
This is my take on the Attic Kit's layout below.  I LOVE these kits...they give me such a GREAT starting point and I just run with it!! 
How many pages have you gotten done???  Who is out there checking the blog from CAG??  Who is planning on cropping with us from home???  I will be giving out prizes for both CAG and at home croppers so LET ME HEAR THOSE COMMENTS LADIES!!!! besosbesos, dc


Melisa said...

Having fun here at Ganza!!!!!!

Rachel said...

No Ganza for me -- but I am scrapping at home -- last fall and last christmas are on my agenda.

Angie Lentz said...

Man oh man wish I could be there. I will have the pleasure of having surgery tomorrow :( This just sucks I don't even get to go on my cruise OR hang out with my girls. Well I KNOW you girls will have fun;)

MSALAS said...

I won!!!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOO, (and just for you Danielle) I changed my name!!!!

Kathy said...

Four pages...and working on fifth. Having a great time.

Scrap*Funattic said...

Thanks for the comments ladies!! Keep 'em coming!

Thanks Melisa for changing your name just for me!! I feel SPECIAL!

Rachel Im glad you are cropping and blogging with us even if you can't be here!!

Angie-OMG!! What happened?? I can't BELIEVE you can't go on your cruise. I am soooo sorry. Good luck with your surgery tomorrow and let us know how everything comes out. Love ya girl!

Kathy-Way to go! Thanks for hanging with us on the bloggity blog! You win MIL of the year and blog commenter of the year ;)