Thursday, September 23, 2010

He's HHEERRREEE!! ~ Finally!!

I feel terrrrible that we've neglected our BLOGGER's SO easy to update our facebook page via our iphones...that i forget that facebook doesn't automatically just POST to the BLOG!!  SORRY!!!

I'll try REALLY hard not to let it happen again!! : )~

Okay - here we go.........................

Baby Cooper Christopher Alan Brown
was bornTuesday September 14th at 5:00 pm!!!
7lb 1.6oz.
19.5 inches

He's a SUPER DUPER CUTIE PIE PUNKINS!!  Perfect little angel!! Sleeps a lot!!  Barely makes a peep!!  
Momma and family are doing FABULOUS!!!! 

Big Sister Lauren is LOVING being a big sister too!!!

We love having him here at the store for *spontaneous* visits...when his MOTHER needs cardstock or adhesive for all of her FREE scrapbooking time on her hands!!!!

YES, he REALLY is this cute in person!!!  Would you like to meet him?!!?  Wellll, stay "'*tuned*" into the blog/newsletter - we're going to have a lil shin dig for little coopA the poopA here at the store on Sunday October 3rd!!  I'll get ya all the "deets" on that soon!!

And YES......Kristy DID take these photos!!  alllll of them!!!  And YES, she *IS* amazing!!!  And YES, we HOG her photo skills as much as humanly POSSIBLE!!!  YES, she can be "hired"...the holidays are comin' up..hmmmmm, that's a great idea, i think......she's working on a website for her photography business (in all her SPARE time!)...but for now - if you'd like more information on having Kristy do a photo shoot for can reach her at 316-706-9226   OR   email:   OR  her facebook page!!!