Monday, September 27, 2010

BIG WEEK....biggER weekEND!!

Man oh MAN - where did SEPTEMBER GO!?!?!  However, there are LOADS of FAHHBULLOUUSS things goin' on in October - so BRING IT ON FALLL!!!!

Important REMINDER DATES are at the bottom of this post - so mark your calendars NOW!!!

FIRST Annual LOVE CHLOE Crop'n Roll "Backstage Pass~VIP" event!!!
We're SOOO excited (and nervous, anxious, giddy, passionate!) about this FRIDAY!!!!  We are helping to host the FIRST ANNUAL EVENT to raise money for a VERY VERY VERY worthy cause!!!! What better way to spend a friday/saturday in November, than cropping with your girlfriends in an intimate, plush hotel - all the while raising money for a fabulous charity.....?!?!  We've got some fahhhhbulous things lined up for the lucky THIRTY croppers that attend the event!!!  Yep - you read that right - 3-0!!  I meant it when I said "intimate"!!!  It's going to be great!!  You're going to have loads of cropping space.....some fabulous VIP treatment and you're going to feel WONDERFUL, knowing that you're helping a wonderful cause!!! 

The Love Chloe Foundation is looking to raise money to fund their "Monkey in my Chair" program!!!  You can read ALL about it by clicking HERE and checking out their website.....but the "gist" of  it is this...the "Monkey KIT" supplied FREE to families that have a child that has been diagnosed with cancer.  It's to be used as a "coping" tool...not only for the child with cancer, but it can also be used in the childs classroom while they are not able to be.  It can be used to help the childs classmates cope as well.  The monkey can be left in the chair - holding the childs place while gone - allowing the other children to have someTHING to look at (instead of an empty chair)....they can take the monkey back and forth to gym, lunch, music, art, etc.....they can take JUST the backpack.....leave notes in the backpack for the sick child to read.  It also has a disposable camera inside the backpack....a note book, and some other fun items that can be used to help all the kids "cope" with the illness.  

Sooooooo, take a look at their site.....and make the decision to help out!!!!  Be a part of something AMAZiNG!!!!  (from the beginning!!!) cool is it going to be to start something from the VERY FIRST EVENT...and look back 10 years from now and say "I was a part of something AMAZING!!!"

this is a picture of Chloe!!
Mark your calendars NOW.....THIS FRIDAY is the first day you can register!!!  10:00am - Scrap*Funattic - either CALL 316-733-0029 or in PERSON!!!  

The event fee is $100.00
Begins Friday November 5th at 6:00pm-midnight
Saturday November 6th 6:00am-6:00pm
Homewood Suites at the Waterfront, Wichita-Kansas
The Homewood is "behind" us all the way!!  They have been SO generous!!!  They are offering a discounted room rate for all Love Chloe Croppers!!  $99.00 a night - and the rooms are SUITES!!!!!! PLUSH, AWESOME SUITES!!!!  
We've got some other "VIP" things planned for our lucky croppers too.....we'll be filling you in on all that VERY SOON!!!

Chicks in the Attic Kit Club Subscribers......ATTENTION!!

  Have you or ARE you CURRENTLY a Chicks in the Attic Kit Club Subscriber???  EITHER WAY - we're offering a FREE FRIDAY NIGHT CROP JUST FOR YOU!!!  Bring your past kits in.....we're going to be here to help you!!!!  You can use ANY of our tools that we've used on past kits.....We can help you "figure" something out, that's been holding you up on a kit!!!
JUST COME AND HANG WITH US!!!  FREE!!  Please call and reserve your spot, so we can assure enough space!!!!    THIS FRIDAY !!! 5:00-midnight!!!!

Super Scrappin' Saturday!!
We're SOOOO excited for FALL!!  THIS month, for our Super Scrappin' Saturday event....we're thrilled to be getting some help from a fellow friendly cropper!!!  Joyce McCain is coming to help Kristy this Saturday....they're going to be making some FUN Halloween goodies!!!  Think....halloween ideas!!!  I will post a sneak of some of the things they're planning later this week!! BUT MAKE PLANS NOW!!!  FREE FREE FREE!!  the FREE FALL FUN begins at 9:00AM!!!  

AND - our SSS always brings a fabulous SALE!!  Soooo, be watching for THAT too!!!

Greater Andover Days!!

Our Greater Andover Days event begins "city wide" Thursday September 30-Saturday October 2nd!!  If you're planning to be in the area for the carnival, events, parade, etc.....stop by!!  (click on the link and you can see an itinerary of the weekend events!!)  Show your Greater Andover Days Pin and we'll give you DOUBLE PUNCHES for your ENTIRE PURCHASE.....ALL THREE DAYS!!!  (please limit one per day!!)

YES, we know that there's a LOT GOING ON!!!  Seems to be happening more and more on these PJ CROP nights!!! Soooo, fro 5:00pm-5:00am - we'll be holding our CROP (for only $10.00)....but we have to have a MIN. of 10 croppers signed/paid by THURSDAY!!!  If you're interested - GET SIGNED UP NOW!!

Baby Cooper meet n greet!!

Come and FINALLY meet baby COOPER BROWN!!!  We're holding a laid back, come and go meet and greet!!  We'll have snacks and the usual "shower punch"...BUT NO GAMES!! ; )   We'll begin at noon and Renee promises to "hang out" till 3!!  Sooooo, come see her!! You're more than welcome to bring gifts if you'd like...however do not feel obligated!!!  Renee welcomes EVERYONE - gifts or not....however you MIGHT get more holding time if you have a gift!!  HAAA!!  JUST KIDDING!!! : )   We've been telling those of you that have cards!!!  That's the BEST thing for the family!!!  Gifts cards to Target, Dillons, Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Baby Gap, Gymboree, QT, Cheddars, McAllisters, Panera, Teds Steakhouse, Baskin Robbins, Starbucks, Vics get the idea!!!  We'd love to see you!!   **the store WILL be open on Sunday as well!!**

Love Chloe registration opens Friday October 1st  10:00am  $100.00

Chicks in the Attic FREE CROP!!  Friday October 1st  5:00-midnight - FREE!!

Super Scrappin' Saturday!!  Saturday October 2nd FUN starts at 9:00am ***(we're not necessarily MAKING this item, but wanted to give you an idea of some things that we're working on!!..this was from the Scrapbooks Etc. magazine issue this month!)

Greater Andover Days!!  Thursday September 30 - Saturday October 2

PJ Crop!!  Saturday October 2nd  5pm-5am  $10.00 (must have 10 signed up!)

Baby Cooper meet n greet with Renee!!  Sunday October 3rd  Noon-3


Renee said...

Baby Coop's excited to meet all of Mommy's friends! He is having trouble deciding what to wear though... will it be rocket ships or monkeys?