Friday, September 10, 2010

Blog Break In!

Hey Ladies!  It's L. Fox, well I guess L. Hall now, and I am breaking in to the blog while DC is away getting her pedicure.  (hehehe don't tell!) ;);)  We are having a BLAST here already!  I am so PUMPED that we were able to get here at 9AM this time!  Just wanted to let you know that there are still some openings if you are interested in getting a pedi.  The pedicure girls are Shondelle Smith & Stacie Charvat.  You can get the full one hour treatment for $30 til midnight tonight or from 9am-midnight on Saturday.  You don't have to be at CAG to get your toenails DID! :)  Here's a few pics of DC getting her pedicure and a little R&R:

Lots of pretty colors to choose from! 

DC got a French pedi with pink sparkles.  B-E-A-UTIFUL!! 

What do you think?  Are your feet in need of a little attention?  Check these girls out!    
There are so many great vendors here.  Which vendors are you most excited about? 
We will be doing some more posts and videos so stay TUNED! 
Hope everyone has a GREAT time this weekend! 
Peace out! L. Fox:)


Kathy said...

Had my pedi already! Love me some Shondelle!!!!

Venicia D said...

Haven't had my toes done yet, but the massages were WONDERFUL!!