Monday, March 8, 2010

PJ Crop Pictures!!!

This past Saturday was SUPER SCRAPPIN SATURDAY at the Attic.  If you aren't familiar, that means make-n-takes, layout of the month, discounts, and our FAVE-O-RITE... the pj crop!!  I am a night owl so this is something that we came up with a little over a year ago as a way to get some more cropping done.  I don't know about you but I am getting pretty darn SPOILED when it comes to my croppin time.  If I can't scrapbook for 6 hours plus (or so) I almost don't feel like hauling all of my stuff out of the house.  Now don't get me wrong I will play in my scraproom all of the time when I have a hour or so to kill... we're talking getting out of the house, kid free, to crop. 

This month was SUPER spesh cause is was our attic girl Krusty Mullin's 23rd birfday!!! ;) {that is a big WINK symbol--just sayin!!}  Woohoo!!  We had some singing, cupcakes, croppin, gifts, and of course LOTS of laughs!! 

Krusty's scrubby Dennis (who I just met for the first time that night!! hahaha!) took their 3 girlies shopping and brought momma's present to the store so she could open it there.  She was so THRILLED when this beautifully striped bag was handed to her. 

This is her "surprised" face.  "No way you guys!!!" 

Look how CAAAUUUTE and excited her girls were to watch her open it...what ever could it be???

Jumping up and down (notice the bluuuurrrr!) at the first glimpse of her new Coach purse!!!

Admiring, loving, and touching it for the rest of the night.  See guys "it's like vinyl and you can just wipe it off!!"  SWEET!!!
Whew now that was fun and I do have a little bitty video to go with that I will post soon.  Are you giving up on me with the video posting yet???  I know I owe you TWO so far and I PROMISE i have them and I will spare you the excuses and just say that I will let you know as soon as they are posted!!!  I hope you all had a WONDERFUL weekend and got some cropping/crafting in!  I think I have recovered after sleeping most of the day yesterday (sorry Kelli!!).  I made it til about 2:30am before heading home (40 minute drive) and getting to bed about 4am!!  WOWZARS!!  I was a HURTING unit Sunday morning--especially when the girls woke me up arguing at 8:30am!  OUCH!  It was well worth it though and I got 6 pages done that I can post if you girls want to see them!!!  LMK!

Just a FEW of the things you might have heard if you were at the pj crop:
  • "you GUUUUYS!!!!"
  • I am going to title this layout "Divorce Party!"
  • that smell you like... marigold, I mean mongolia. (it was MAGNOLIA!)
  • So you're saying Steff smells like "Ghengis Kahn???"
Any others you girls can think of?!?!?!  Put them in the comments and I'll add them to "le list!!"

besosbesos, dc


Lindsay said...

Let me know if you want me to post pictures of my "divorce party" page! It was by far the best layout that I did that night!!
As far as the other sayings,
"What about, can I borrow your dog's kleenex to wipe my nose?!?!" lol:):)

Scrap*Funattic said...

OMG I had a parent walk up when I read this and I laughed REALLY loud!! They were like WHOA! and you BETTER email me a picture of that and all of the pages you did that night and I will post them when I post mine!

3divasmommie said...

HA!!! You girls are the best besties EVER!!! Thank you all for everything!!!