Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Some FUN for YoU!!!!!

How much do you LOVE this picture of Dianewith the tutu she was working on last week when we all got together to crop at Kathy's?  (she is going to LOVE me for posting this ;)  I SERIOUSLY don't think she will mind she has a great sense of humor as do all of the girls we cropped/crafted with that night.  I almost didn't go because by Friday I am EXHAUSTED with all of my responsibilities of the week but I DID go and I was sooo glad.  Those girls are a blast to be around and just kept me laughing the whole time (which is what I LIKE!!) 

Kathy, Alicia, and I were all working on Chicks in the Attic Kit layouts (all different months) so I thought it would be cool to post pics of OUR versions using the kit club.

And here are some layouts I did at Ganza
using the November CITA kit 
(that's Chicks in the Attic....just sayin!) 
CITA is my first Kit club (member) experience and so far I couldn't be HAPPIER!!!!  I always have fun projects to work on with the trendiest papers and embellishments at my house ready for me when I want do a layout or two.  And one other thing I LOVE about the CITA kit is that I can make multiple (I was able to get NINE different layouts from the Novemember kit!!) layouts for my four girls and our family album and each page is individual for that person.  No longer am I MASS producing x3, x4 or x5 and that feels so good.  I do seperate albums for each of my FOUR daughters and one for Heath and I.  i know that might sound crazy to you (or not!!) but that is how I do it!!!  If you aren't a CITA club member try it out for a month.  you will LOVE IT, promise!!!  The Attic team does a great job of choosing a variety of the latest scrapbooking supplies including COLOR step by step layouts that you can follow exactly or make your own (I am somewhere in the middle of the two!!)  The kits are especially great if you live out of state or can't get to the store as often as you would like.  It's like a little piece of Attic heaven delivered right to your door once a month.  AHHHHHH!!! 

...and a few other of my own (non-CITA) layouts I did at Ganza for the baby's album.

and one for me!!!!

besosbesos, dc


Scrap*Funattic said...

i have to say i just LOVE the "Precious Paisley" one with the free floating clouds POP DOTTED...that's my FAVORITE!! just sayin!! :)