Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A WORLD of Ideas...

My scrapbooking friends are always asking me...where did you get that idea? or how did you learn how to do that? and I tell them...I am a SPONGE when it comes to learning about things I am interested in.  It may even teeter on the edge of obession!!  I am CONSTANTLY, I am serious, like EVERY single day reading SOMETHING about my beloved hobby.  I LOVE to keep up on the latest and greatest techniques and find constant inspiration in my daily findings.  I feel that THIS is how I stay motivated to be creative because even though I would LOVE to go to every weekend to crops or spend my all of my afternoons cropping away at the Attic, my schedule and family just don't allow me that luxury at this point in my life.  I think a lot of you can relate to this...so in an attempt to FUEL my need for creativity, I read, research, and HOARD information for future scrapbooking adventures.  It's like I store it away somewhere and pull it out when I am creating!  Most of the time at crops I can be found "scraplifting" from a book or magazine while incorporating an idea I picked up here or there or using the latest tool to do a cool new technique (I am not the "tech-tastik" girl for nothin'!).  so I thought you might like to check out some of the places I am currently getting my information on what is happening in the crop world.

#1 Books:
Tim Holz' book A Compendium of Curiosities is hitting shelves this week (call the Attic to reserve yours NOW cause they WILL sell out fast---I PROMISE YOU that!!!  Tim is REALLY into giving every project that "distressed" or aged look.  Now, you may be saying "that is not really my STYLE" and I am there with you for the most part, but what I do like is the fact that Tim is ALL technique!!!  He is an innovator in the field and his products are WONDERFUL!  (if you don't believe me ask his #1 fan Angie Lentz!!)  I haven't even SEEN the inside of this book and I have a copy coming.  I KNOW it will be filled with new techniques to get my wheels turning and I can't wait to get it into my hands!!

I recently picked up this AMAZING book at the Attic (they sold out the first time they were in and have ordered a 2nd shipment--so AGAIN call the store NOW and reserve this one too!).  Elizabeth Kartchner is a fresh and fun scrapbooker (we are going to be carrying her new line soon and watch for hard to get pieces from her collection in upcoming CITA kits!!!).  "52 Challenges" is just that...52 ideas to try in your layouts and coordinating examples her team has created.

#2 Magazines

My magazine pick:
Scrapbook Trends is the BEST magazine in my opinion...I also suscribe to Creating Keepsakes and Scrapbooks, Etc. which I also REALLY enjoy!  But Steff got me hooked on Scrapbook trends (by way of a hand me down magazine) and I just can't get enough.  This magazine is the MOST current of any I have found and has NO ADS (so it costs a little more $9.99--which has come down from its original price of $14.99) so it it CRAM PACKED with layout ideas and I think it is like getting a new idea book every month.

#3 Websites:
  • 2 Peas in a Bucket is a FAVE of mine.  I don't go to the gallery so much for ideas but I do like to read the message boards both Scrapbooking and Non Scrapbooking related!! 
  • Etsy  All things handmade!
#4 and Perhaps my personal FAVORITE:  BLOGS, duh!!
  • the Attic Blog!!  our goal, dream, vision for this baby is that it is a go-to place for you to find updates, the latest information, COOL Stuff, and inspiration.  We need you all to make this possible so check back often, pass the link to your friends, and know that we do this all for YOU our readers and loyal customers!!  thanks and love ya muches!!!
  • I do have a long list of other blogs i "follow" or suscribe to (so I get updates when new posts are made-- that way I am not just checking and checking).  Here are just a FEW that you might like:

...check them out!  Enjoy! and let me know dear readers, where do YOU go for inspiration???  besosbesos, dc


Angie Lentz said...

You BETTER believe I am a #1 FAN of Tim Holtz!!!! I just booked a 10 day cruise with him as the teacher!!! Can you say ROCK ON!!!!!!! Have a great day bloggers!!!

The Curtis Family said...

hey Angie I need your email address. I have something for you! dc

Angie Lentz said...

Ok so just received my signed copy of Tim Holtz's book A Compendium of Curiosities. Let me tell u even if u don't like the vintage look he gives ideas of how to change things so they will work with ANY project!! If u want bright he shows u that, if u need it a dark color he shows u that!!! I highly recomend this book not just because I am a #1 fan of him but he has soooo many ideas u will be amazed!!!! Also dc my email is dr2003rx@yahoo.com If anyone else wants to send me pics of their projects I am ALWAYS looking for new ideas. Have a great day bloggers!!!!