Monday, March 22, 2010

Here I Am!!!

Ohhh I have missed you guys soo much!!  I am sooo sorry I have been MIA this past week (you would think with Spring Break I would have TONS of time to post, huh?!?!).  I was MONDO busy taking care of my little girlies and dealing with a few EXTENDED family things---and the next thing I knew it was byebye Spring Break and HEEELLLOOO get our booties back to school time!  Cropping unfortunately took a HUGE backseat this week to mommyhood, boohoo!  Well, I am back...ready for SPRING and ready for some reorganization and rejuvination!!! 

I am guessing you all saw the BEFORE video of my new little craft room.  Well, the process has been slow going and I haven't made much headway YET so I will be sure to be back with some footage as soon as there is some noteable progress!  Hey, do me a you have a crop space or closet?!?!  No matter what the condition:  nice and neat, messy, or a work in progress...send me a photo(s) @ and I will post them on the blog!  You have seen Alicia's, Kathy's, and my space and now it is your turn!!!  Let's see where you work and OF COURSE we will do a drawing or two from any photo's submitted...a new little SOMETHIN for your crop space!!  Oooh that reminds me...I am working on a CITA blinkie for the blog so get your Attic blinkies/buttons put on your personal blogs cause I will be doing some drawing at the end of the week.  I will share the links with the proud blog supporters that I have gotten so far...THANKS LADIES, we truly appreciate your support.  Your love and loyality to Scrap*Funattic help to make us the BEST scrapbook store in the around!!! :)

I did go through my photos/videos this weekend and realized I hadn't posted this little clip from Krusty's bday/pj crop. 

It was a great time had by all--that is for sure!  If you haven't been to a pj crop you are missing out!!  12 hours of cropping 5pm to 5am for only $10!  Now I know some of you are saying 5AM!??!?!  But don't worry---you can leave whenever you get tired...we are all so different schedule wise (some of us need our beauty rest and others can't make it til the kiddos are in bed and go all night!!  It is NOTHING for Kate to roll in around midnight ready to get her crop on--true story!!!)  So get a few girlfriends rounded up and make it a date (for the 1st Saturday night of every month!!)  Hope to see you in a couple of weeks at our next all nighter!!!  besosbesos, dc