Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday Challenge!! :)

Happpppy Wednesday to everyone and a VERY HAPPY ST.PATRICK'S DAY TO ALL!!  (st. patty's day is JUST about as exciting to my kiddos as is CHRISTMAS!!!....we'll try to catch our LeRoy the Leprechaun ONCE AGAIN tonight!!...we're giving it our 8th TRY this year.....MAN my kids have come up with some FABULOUS tRaPs over the years!!.....maybe they'll be SUPER lucky!?!  Not sure WHAT we'll do IF we EVER catch LEROY!!???  Maybe he could be a live in nanny?!?! hmmmmm,. that's not such a bad idea now that i think about it!!)... 
Okay - so two weeks ago I posted a challenge on our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE...FAN PAGE......and had a great response....then it just so happened that I posted ANOTHER challenge on the FOLLOWING WEDNESDAY!!  (which for me to be ROUTINE with anything is HUGE!!....!!) So, i thought ya know what - this JUST might work!!!  So - for those of you that need HOMEWORK assignments to get you in the mood for scrappin' this is for you!!  For those of you that are in a RUT and need some MOJO - i hope these wednesday challenges inspire  you!!  There will always be a winner!!  And it is determined on a RANDOM drawing!!!  The prizes will vary by what we have in our PRIZE VAULT! (HA HA!) - if you're feelin in the mood for a little challenge - head on over to the facebook fan page and check it out!!!  I can't promise to always post it on the blog (it's SO SUPER easy to post it on fb right now from my iphone!) but i will DEFINITELY try!!  You can submit your layouts directly to our fan page wall, you can link it FROM YOUR WALL on facebook - or if you just don't "get" how to do that (and that's a LOT of us out there!!!) - just email it to me!!  Just a picture of your completed layout!!!  Please note - i will post them to our Wednesday Challenge Album Gallery ON FACEBOOK - so it will be viewed by LOADS of fellow scrap*funattic Scrappin' Friends!!! Not sure WHERE to go on Facebook to become our fan?!?!  Not sure WHAT facebook is all about - JOIN!  It's SO fun, and EASY to stay in touch with all your friends!!! 
Attic FAN PAGE!!
ANNNND, you don't have to live LOCAL!!  We'd LOVE to have your layouts submitted! The more the MERRIER!! We'll even SHIP your prize to you if you're a winner winner chicken dinner!!!
 I VOW to continue to give you a wednesday challenge until the interest subsides!!  So it's for to YOU decide when Wednesday Challenge has had it's TIME in the lime light!!!!   So - here's the Challenge for this week.....It's a 2 pager - but there are NO RULES in the Wednesday Challenges!!  We ask that you BEGIN with the sketches - but where you end up is TOTALLY your journey!!!!.....You don't HAVE to do a 2 pager - you could just take an element or two from the sketch and turn it into a 1 pager!!!  I need your layouts submitted to me by SUNDAY evening!!!  ENJOY!!!  (PS, i am using random scrapblogging sites to get my sketch challenges....i'll try and post where it comes from each week - this one is from one of my favorite sites....Pencil Lines!)

Oh - and here are the images that for SOME unknown reason didn't come through on our last blog about the Basic Grey Class - there is only ONE spot remaining in our class of 24 scrapper's!!  FIRST CLASS IS THIS SATURDAY 10:00am- Noon!!!  Here is the layout we're doing for MARCH......I'm not going to post the layouts that Renee has created with the scraps.....that's for YOUR EYES ONLY if you're in the class!!  Plus i want this to be a SURPRISE!!  (and YES janine - we DO have the layouts completed ha ha!!!!)  AND - just so ya know - you still have OOOODDDDLES of leftovers left even after Renee's examples!!! 
 AND here's the FREE album that you receive at the end of the 12 month class!!!  EXCLUSIVE for BGPoTM subscribers!!!Have a GREAT day everyone!!!  Have a green Beer FOR LeRoy AND me!! ;)