Monday, March 8, 2010

Attic Button

Do you SEE it?!?!  I have been wanting one for a while now so, once again I hit up our good friend Laura at Elephant Juice Designs and she agreed to help us out.  Isn't it LOVELY?!?!  In case you're wondering, the purpose of a "button" is to show your ATTIC LOVE!  If you have a blog of your own you can copy the html code below the "button" and paste it into your own blog.  This will give your readers and yourself an EASY way to "Stay in the KNOW" when it comes to the happenings around the Attic.  And if you don't have a is time for you to start one by golly!!  As you have probably figured I am IN LOVE with this electronic, and FREE way to document the day to day goings on my hectic life without feeling the pressure to scrap 'every breath they take' like I used to.  This way it is ALL documented forever and a it is a great way for friends and family to keep up, especially if you have loved ones that live far away!  So think about it...and if you are already onboard the Blogger train grab a button and show your Attic support!  In fact leave questions if you have any trouble with the directions below and once you get it figured out leave a comment to let me know that your Attic button is good to go (ka-kaw, ka-kaw!!!) and I will give away some prizes for those with THE button.  So leave your blog addy in the comments once your button is up and I will be announcing winners randomly!  Thanks in advance for SHOWING THE ATTIC LOVE!

Steps to installing your Attic Button in Blogger:

  1. Right click and copy the entire html code below the Attic button on our sidebar.
  2. Go to your Blog's Dashboard
  3. Go to Layout
  4. Page Elements
  5. on your right hand sidebar click "Add a Gadget" HTML/Java Script- click the "plus sign"
  6. Title "Attic Button" (or anything along those lines-your choice!)
  7. Under "Content":  right click and paste the html code
  8. Click "save" then view blog
and WAH-LA!  You should have your VERY own Attic button on your blog and to quote my, "that will make you official."

besosbesos, dc


Lindsay said...

I'm official!! Check me out at:

But it's at the bottom... I can't figure out how to move it up to the top.

Tiffany said...


Check it out...ka kaw!

Teresa said...

Got it!!

sawitten said...


LindaN said...

I was so excited to see the link you put on about the wonderful friend that you have that helped you with the button. It was a surprise to see that wonderful family again. I worked with Justin at the cable office and now I can keep up with him and his family. I cant believe how big their little boy has gotrten, Thanks again....

Laura said...

Glad to see everyone is linking up with the button :)

HI, Linda! I just saw your comment. You are so sweet! Glad that we found each other in "blog world." Barrett turned TWO in January...crazy, huh?!? Hope things are well with you!

The McIntyre Family said...

Love the button! Added it to my craft blog: