Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is ALMOST here!!

It's "almost" official - tomorrow is the first day of spring - although here in kansas it FEELS like spring!! Ahhhhhhh, allergies, tulips, green grass, flowers blooming, longer evenings, allergies.....gotta love spring!!! So - since we don't really "do" anything on Spring Break I try and have one day of "FUN" for the boys. (although my jenny is coming next week!) So we hit All Star Sports for Mini golf (2 rounds of 18holes!) and bumper cars.....Chuckee Cheese (what FUN outing would be complete with out good ol' CEC!?!?) lunch at Freddy's and a fabulous QUITE trip to our new library!!! Today - i wanted to get a pedicure.....hayden has been BEGGING me to let him get a pedicure...he wants BLUE TOE - before you go judgin' and shakin' your heads, i think it's only fair to let him to let him experience some of the things he's curious about - NOOOOO, i wouldn't let him take a drag of a cig if he was curious, but this is harmless!! So - we went next door and had pedi's today!!!! He picked the color (renee, i know you're jealous of our SMURF toes!) So - what do you think!! (btw he loved it!! i doubt he'll wanna do it again tho - it was kinda painful during the "cleaning" of the nails!) (not the best pic, my battery on my canon is dead! :( )

Okay - now for some scrapbookin schtuff!! Here are some pic's of some of the new stuff to arrive this week, while i was out!
We have ALL of the EDGY BOBUNNY albums in!! :)

Karen Foster.....BOYS!! We've been on the look out for more "themed" boy stuff for ya!! Here are some trucks for ya - cute cute cute! (theres paper to match!)If someone asked me what one of the top sellers (in regards to THEMES) for us it would be "western, cowboy/girl" theme!!! SERIOUSLY!! So - here's some new equestrian stuff, the bellies that match this are CUTE too!All you band lovers out there, here's some fun new stuff too!:
And mom posted the Fancy Pants on Tuesday - CUTE!! There's more stuff coming - so stay tuned!!

Okay - on to the next topic....CROP CAMP is coming UP!!! TWO weeks from TOMORROW!! Are you ready!?!? This is a fabulous crop if you've never been, you should check into it!! So - alicia is teaching a class this time on PAGE KITS. (i think this is all, i think she did organization last time...if i'm wrong - email me!)......okay - now before i give you the details of that, i have to chime in with my 2 cents...(really!?!?) So - almost 3 years ago we went to crop camp. Cropped with Alicia....she was SO organized it was crazy. SO - i asked her to come teach her "way"!!! She taught me how to crop like i'd never cropped before. It has changed the way i PACK for a crop, the way i crop while i'm there and my expectations of myself at each crop. For example, this last crop i went to, get scrappy, i only took my rolling station and my box of THICKERS (don't go ANYWHERE without those puppies!)....each crop i get better and better, and more and more productive!!! So - if you're coming to crop camp and would like to spend an hour or two learning this WAY...THE WAY.....get signed up via their website. It's $10.00, and includes enough product to get you started!!!! You won't be sorry!!!

Okay - i have spent THREE hours posting this....interruptions - so i'm not going to post my layouts today - that'll give you something to look forward to tomorrow!!! As well as the "411" on the SALE shhhh this weekend!!! See ya later gators! oh ps - vendors - be lookin' for your registrations today in your inbox!