Thursday, March 12, 2009

Get Scrappy!!

ONE day until Get Scrappy!!! ................. and I'm not ready!! I need to get some page kits made so that i'm not sitting there twiddling my fingers......uggh WHY do i put everything off until the last minute?!?! Anyway - there's still time to join us!! You can register at the door!!! It's for a wonderful cause and a great crop!! Hope to see some familiar faces there!!! (you can click on the link on the sidebar to get to the registration site!)

Okay - so i was asked if in the last post, the boxes....was it fancy pants?!?! NO!! :( HOWEVER, it has shipped....and will be here MONDAY!! (minus the bellies, just the paper...but hey - we'll take it!) What was in the box was the new ADORABLE and FUN Creative Imaginations paper!! I am IN LOVE with this line!!! FINALLY a cute boy line......and YES, i will use this for my boys, even if they are older!!!
And this new "Public Service" line - i am really liking this too - it's nice to have a change from toy fire trucks.......
oh, and a lil funny...we got some googly eyes in - for real!!! for your paper paper piecing.....or if you're like my youngest son he likes to put EXTRA googly eyes on his stickers!!!

Finally some new basketball paper...out of all the sports out there - we can't keep basketball paper on the shelves!!!