Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ahhhhh SPRING!

OMG - how long has it been since any of you out there have had strep throat!??! i forgot just how DOWN it takes you - i was in a coma for two solid days - SLEEPING SLEEPING and more SLEEPING!! it was NICE - and painful at the same time - but i'm alive and well now!!!

obviously the store and the blog will go on without me, that's always nice to know!! And the UPS man comes even when I'm NOT there.....he knows better than that!!??! So - i got to sneak into the store today (with a mask on my face to protect the maple memories girls from the germs) and take a peak at the Fancy Pants - OMG - it might just be my favorite line YET - the kraft kuts are A D O R A B L E !!!! no worries - we've already re-ordered it and it's on it's way!! so - deep breaths!!!

i'm not sure what else new came in - i'll let you know when i'm allowed back in the building tomorrow!!! with mom, renee and kristy getting ready for maple memories - i'm hoping to sneak in some FAB sales this - mom leaves friday morn so check back on here then for the update!! gotta keep it on the DL (down low - debbie largen DL!) ohh!! :) i crack myself up!!

so - what else is happenin' let's see - the garage sale is coming up in about a month - if you wanna sign up - come in or call and we'll mail it to you......but it's $15.00 for your registration and price labels....bring your stuff in - we get it out and merchandise it for you - and you get 100% store credit!! doesn't get much sweeter than this!! And to be quite honest, with the negative talk of all the economy (i don't think it's as bad here YET as other parts of the US, but that's another post).....garage sale is the way to go!! this gives you a future "safety net" should you need it!!! I think the hardest part when money gets tight is to justify your "scrapbookingi've been there (and am still there at times!).....your husband loses his job, or gets are you going to continue your scrapbooking...your hobby, your "outlet", your stress reliever, your THING?!?!? how can you justify spending $20.00 on paper and stickers when you need to feed your family???? If you can sell some of your stuff that you haven't used in a while, or know you won't use - then you can have some extra $$$$ put away to continue your "thing" while you're getting by.....make sense?!?! Give it some thought - we have peeps that keep a box under their scrap table and they just throw stuff in there as the year goes by and then they just price it and bring it in!!!

okay - wow that ended up being a lot longer post than i thought??!

So - we went to Get Scrappy, had a blast!! i've always wondered what'd be like to crop "alone" antisocial - but we have people sign up alone at ganza and i wonder - hmmmmmmi'm a cropper/talker - i can't talk and crop......i can either talk or crop!?!? anyone else out there like that?!?! so - sarah and i had to split the day on saturday so i went out for the afternoon with my ipod and cropped for 6 hours - ALONE!! OMG!! it was really nice!! DON'T GET ME WRONG..........i love my friends and croppin buddies (mom!!) but i got SO much done!! I will post the photos tomorrow of the layouts i got done!!!

alrighty - i think i've rambled long enough.....i'll be back tomorrow with more substantial scrapbookin' info!! :)