Wednesday, March 25, 2009

FINALLY Edward is HOME where he belongs!

Happy Wednesday!! FINALLY - MY Edward is back home where he belongs!!! I'm not going to tell you YET WHO took him - however i am going to see if you can guess!!!! These layouts were DIGITALLY created for me - showing all the different places that Edward had been on his hiatus.....OMG they are hilarious!!!! Can you figure out who took him!?!? DUH!!!? I've left edward IN the store, ON the floor - with these layouts around his neck, so next time you're in - check them out!! THEY ARE HILARIOUS!!! oh, and Danielle (V.) you're going DOWN for your "part" of the DORK-NAPPING!!! Those of you that are attending Crop Camp NEXT weekend (9 days, thank you donna!) - Shandra and I have a lil somethin somethin for your entertainment on Saturday night!!!!

Okay - well - you have to forgive me, i have no "scrapbookin" news for you today - i'm "out" for the rest of the week, as MY JENNY is in town and we're spending the rest of the week together - however I'm certain that mom will update the blog when the NEW STUFF arrives!!!

ps - there is only ONE spot open for the SECOND Disney album in a day class left!!!!...there's still room for you to sign up for the Senior Class Album in a Day class this weekend!!! And don't forget the Cricut Expression 101 class on SUNDAY!!