Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Monday Monday!

How was YOUR weekend?!?! The weather was pretty nice - a little windy......enough talk of the weather!!

okay - so we have the new 12x12 Heidi Swapp Masks in....(whats left of them!)....and i've promised to post this link to those that purchased them so you can see the possibilities with these!! I'm SOOOO super excited to use these!!! will need to scroll down about 3/4 of the way to see it.

Garage Sale - we are starting to really get a lot of's not too late - get your stuff together and price it......

Crop Camp is less than 2 weeks away!! Getting excited about that - need to get more page kits and i will be sleeping AT the camp this time - we don't usually do that - i'm a little anxious, but sure things will be fine - i'm SPOILED when it comes to sleeping arrangements....fortunately - danelle will be there with us....maybe she'll sleep on the top bunk!!?!

Ganza Registration is also less than 2 weeks away - I've been working on getting the shirts finished...hopefully we'll be sportin' them on registration day!! YES - if you're attending Crop Camp - you can register there!! We'll be having TWO registration locations this time.....:)

Renee's Graduation class is this weekend as's not too late to sign up for that class - whether you have a senior graduating this year or two years from now - get it done and over with!! No need to stress!! This price is FABULOUS - you and i both know how much a typical page costs - this class averages out to less than 3.00 per page!! WOW!!!

Senior boards - Renee is working on those as well.....bring in your photos of your senior and visit with her and she'll put the perfect board together!!!!

Cricut Expression 101 is Sunday - if you're wanting to learn how to use your Cricut this is the class for you - this is a BEGINNER class - NOT an advanced class!! If you purchased your machine with us - it's free - otherwise $20.00 gets you signed up!!!

Oh - one more thing - CONGRATULATIONS KU!! (i watched the game this weekend, and actually enjoyed it!!)

ok - more later!