Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's HERE!! The Chord less Digital Die Cut Machine from Making Memories!! THE SLICE!!! I can't tell you much about it YET!! :) We (renee) are gonna give it a "run around the block" and hopefully learn this little machine!! HOPEFULLY we'll be able to have a make n take with it soon!!!

Got TONS of albums restocked and NEW in!! The K&CO. photo scrap albums, that are pre-made - they are all back in stock - including some new ones!!!

For those of you soldering for the holidays....we have the BLACK NYLON RIBBON coming in again!! And Renee found some really pretty spacers for us as well!! :)

AND, my NEW FAVORITE PENS ARE HERE!!! They are Micron pens!! If you haven't used these before - you HAVE to try them!! I ordered them in single packs as well as SETS!!! I love these pens......they write very smoothly and boldly - and if you scrapbook with me - i'm very picky about my pens - cuz I LOVE TO JOURNAL!! (duh! got LOTS to say!) So - check those out next time you're in!!!

Got some new Thickers in yesterday - for the HOLODAYS!! (i spelled that wrong on purpose!)

We leave tonight for Austin....so i won't be here tomorrow to tell ya whats coming in then...so i'll tell you what i'm EXPECTING! We have ordered quite a few of the rolling stations!! So - if you're hoping to pick one of those up on Friday at 25% off....there are sure to be enough to go around!! I've also ordered some new rolling totes........the BoBunny Clearly Mixed up Albums will be here tomorrow..........the cricuts arrived yesterday - so it's good to have THOSE in stock for Friday!!! Bazzill STITCHES and FLOWERS have all been restocked!!

OH!! The Distress Stickles....we've been playing with those this week...for those of you with BOYS in your scrapbooks....and you've SHYED away from stickles because of the BLING factor...these are YOUR WAY of incorporating STICKLES onto your pages!! They aren't "shiny" or "glittery" - they are DISTRESSED shimmer-ey!!! :) I LOVE THEM!! Renee's made a cute little sign so you can see the difference next time you're in the store!!!

The CLIP IT UP pricing for BLACK FRIDAY!!.....here's the "411" on that!!
We are offering a "bundle" which includes the base unit ($59.99 reg) upper tier ($34.99reg) and the cover ($24.49 reg).......Total regular price $ 114.47...............for.............$89.99 !!!!!
This price is good for the bundle only.

Don't forget about the "CODE WORD" for my loyal blog followers out there......"I made the Green Bean Casserole"!! it's true - SEVERAL calls yesterday asking if we were serious!! HA HA!! If it makes you laugh - then it's a GOOD THING!! (think Martha Stewart!) Come in on Friday - at ANY TIME and say that and you will get $5.00 off any purchase of $20.00 or more!! That's even BETTER than a coupon cuz you don't have to remember to print it and then remember to USE it!!!

I heard on the news this morning that the AVERAGE person consumes 619 MORE calories each day from now until Christmas than their normal caloric intake....WTH!?!?! HULLO!?!? Keep that in mind when you're filling your plate this week.....let's try and NOT be average!!....that's your HEALTH tip of the day!!! :)

okay - i'm out!! i will check in with everyone soon! have a great Thanksgiving!! :)