Monday, November 3, 2008

Ganza Registration - SUCCESS!

Good mornin' everyone!!!

okay - so today i'm working on getting the class calendar for November updated - so check that out on our website...HOPING to finally be able to add photos of the classes as well!!!!

Also - working on getting all the ganza registrants organized!!

WE ONLY HAVE 25 seats left!!!
So- if you're considering going - NOW'S THE TIME!!!! We had a WONDERFUL group WAITING at the door as early as 6:30AM!! It was awesome to see them out there!! Donna was our first registrant - so she picks the charity this time!! (donna-i have found the foundation for brody and will post it at ganza)

I hope you all had a great Halloween!! We DID!! We had the biggest turn out for our Trick-or-Treat street YET!! We ran out of candy, and my WONDERFUL son - KORD - gave up his OWN halloween bucket of candy for the kiddos!! (such a sweet kid!)

Kids Halloween Party that I was Co-in charge of went off VERY WELL!! We did a Mason jar, mod podged with tissue paper - and they were jack-o-lantern candle holders!! They were ADORABLE!!!!

I even tried my hand at making a few kits for the kit wall this weekend!! This is a first for me too!! Getting pretty daring nowadays!!!! The LOTM sold out in 1.5 hours!! YEAH!! That STILL doesn't beat JANA'S record of 30 minutes!! GAH!!!

So - kristy and i will be busy packing for crop camp this weekend (thanks for your help girl!) and mom will be gearing up for HER first Crop Camp visit!! I'm realllly excited to go! ! I love Crop CAMP!! it's a different set up than ganza and it's a nice change for us too!! PLUS the girls are SUPER DUPER FAHHHBULOUS so that makes it nice too!!!.....if YOU are coming to GANZA - email me and i'll bring you what you're requesting!!!! IF you have things on hold at the store - i will bring those too!!!

Okay - i know - boring post - but IF i get all of my list of to do's completed today - i'll be back!! :)

***on a sad note - i want to send an ENORMOUS hug out to Donna Wunderlich this morning. You may or may not have heard from her, the boy BRODY that she's been praying for.....he passed away this morning. Keep HIS family and DONNA in your thoughts and prayers....he was only 8.