Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Crop Scene Investigation!!!!!

Good Morning!! How was your weekend!?!? How was your HALLOWEEN!?!?

Here are just a few "pics" from ours....i was NOT very good this year with the camera......and i'm a little disappointed with myself because of it!! i wanted to ENJOY the moment!!! And now i am NOT enjoying what i'm left with to scrapbook!?! :(

Oliver was a "Hot Dog"!!! Do you think he enjoyed his costume?!? Ummm, NO!!! but he was a good sport and laid in front of the door and greeted all the customers!! :) i think the mustard MAKES the costume!!
And our little "Ralph" (renee's daughter, Laruen!) was a beautiful Butterfly!! If you asked her what she was though, she'd tell you a GIRAFFE!! (cuz that's what SHE wanted to be!!)
And sweet baby Chase was Buzz Lightyear, but if you asked HIM what he was - he'd tell you "Buzz lightyearBatmanRacecardriver"!!!! (he had a really hard time deciding!)

I know you're thinking to yourself...well - what were YOUR boys for Halloween!?!? Here they are - the sad picture that it is!!! I warned you that I didn't take very many pictures this year and i WAS not focused on making them look GOOD!! :( bad mom!! Kord was an Army Recon-dude....and Hayden was Bumblebee from Transformers!!

Over all - we had a great Halloween! And there's, naturally, TONS of candy left over!!! Somehow they will PROBABLY find their way back to my hips!!

Mom and I had the BEST time EVER at Crop Camp this weekend!! Thanks so much to Alicia, Kathy and Shandra....this was their SIXTH year!! And they know how to put on a great crop!! The food was yummy (although maggie will ALWAYS be missed at Fall Crop Camp!)...the company was EXCEPTIONAL!! "T to the 3rd Power" - you all know who you are - THANK YOU FOR MAKING OUR WEEKEND SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! Mom was really happy with the experience and can't wait to go again!! (no worries Kristy - you're good to go for the next one!...YOU were missed too!)

Once again - i know this photo isn't the BEST - but each year i tell myself i'm going to take a picture of the sunset - it's just soooo beautiful and peaceful out there, this year i did - barely - and although it doesn't come CLOSE to what it really looks like - it gives you an IDEA of how wonderful it is out there!!! The weather was PERFECT (although we could've done WITHOUT the wind on Friday!)!!! I completed THIRTEEN pages (which is pretty good for a weekend of WORK!!) We're looking forward to the Spring Crop Camp in April - and have already cleared out calendar!!!

Soooo, now for some upcoming events at the store......this weekend we are participating in the EK SUCCESS Crop Scene Investigation.....aka: Customer Appreciation!!! We're going to be having FREE MAKE N TAKES throughout the ENTIRE day!!! Soooo - come out and make some!! We have PLENTY to go around for the entire day!! As well as WONDERFUL GIVE AWAYS!!! And some special SALES on SATURDAY ONLY!!! This Saturday - one lucky SHOPPER will win a $50.00 Gift Certificate!! We will draw from our entries at the end of the day and announce it via the blog that evening!!! ALL IN STOCK SELECT EK SUCCESS PUNCHES will be 1/2 price!!!!! ALL JOLEE'S STICKERS WILL BE 40% off as well!!! PLUS - all Clearance merchandise is an ADDITIONAL 20% off - that makes it 60% off!!!

I will post a photo of all the WONDERFUL goodies that we'll be RANDOMLY giving away throughout the day!!!! There are SOME AWESOME FINDS in there!!! You won't wanna miss out!

This is for SATURDAY ONLY.....so come on out!!!!

This Friday night - is Crop NIGHT!!! Get signed up today!! And, don't forget - NEXT TUESDAY i'm teaching a FREE tutorial on the Stories by Everyone digital BOOKS!! So - call and reserve your FREE spot!!
okay - now - what i've been DYING to talk about....TWILIGHT!! I FINISHED "Eclipse" this morning on my TEN MILE bike ride at the gym........i was SWEATING!! It was AWESOME!! I immediately went and bought the LAST COPY of "Breaking Dawn" at Target!! I have ONLY been ALLOWING myself to read ONE chapter a night!! I KNOW that the end is near (with only one book left) and i want it to last FOREVER!!! (kidd kraddick in the morning is going to have an interview with "edward" tomorrow morning!!!)


Have a great day!!!!