Monday, November 17, 2008

It's beginning to SOUND a LOT like Christmas!

Yep - that's a true story....whether you LIKE Christmas music or not (roeder ahhhem!) it's ON!!! I hate to admit this i am NOT ready and NOT happy about the christmas music already playing!??! I'm not all bahumbug about it - but REALLY!?!?! Sooooo, i'll be getting all the Christmas DECOR out this week and weekend (for the store, let's not go overboard - DANA!!) ...... because whether we like it or not - it's COMING!!! I think the reason i'm NOT ready this time, it just seems that it's coming REALLY FAST and with the economy so SHAKEY we're really having to scale back this year, as i'm sure so many of you out there are!!! Soooooo, with all that being said - WE (Scrap*FUNATTIC) are going to TRY REALLY hard to give you some STEALS of DEALS on BLACK FRIDAY!!!! Be watching for THAT information coming out VERY SOON!!!! AND - once again - BLOG READERS will have a SPECIAL SALE ALL THEIR OWN!!!! (i'm terrible at keeping secrets,,,,,so all i can say is that we are having some of the BEST sales we've EVER HAD!!!...kinda makes me sad i won't be here to share the excitement with everyone!)

okay - now - on to other things!!! (meaning photos and recaps!)

Our Customer Appreciation (CSI) event was an ENORMOUS success!! It was CRAZY all the people that we were able to PLEASE this weekend!!! EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER WALKED AWAY WITH SOMETHING FREE!!! A big thanks to EKsuccess, K&Co., Inkadinkado for all the great donations and the great make n takes!!! We had a FULL table ALLLL Day long at the make n take station.....kinda makes me re-consider doing monthly make n take promotions!??!!! A HUGE thank you to Kristy for handling that task ALLL DAY LONG!!!! :) The best (and sometimes sad) moment of the day was when we'd give a customer a FREE appreciation gift and they'd look at you like they were offended, confused, concerned, didn't believe you were giving them something for free.......i know how ODD it is for someone to be giving AWAY things at this time in our economy - but YOU deserve it!! We have the BEST customers, HANDS DOWN!! and we owe ALL of our success to YOU!! THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT!!!! :)

And, if you came in on Saturday, you know that we were also giving away a $50.00 gift certificate to the store......the winner is JENNIFER SNODGRASS!!!! I hate that she's having to find out this way - i tried to call her personally and congratulate her - but the line kept going - AMY - if you happen to talk to her before she reads this - please let her know!!! JENNIFER - you can come in and spend it ANYTIME,,,,it does NOT expire!!! :) CONGRATS!!!

As I type this - renee is opening the shipment that came today....we are starting to receive the SLICE paraphenalia....not the slice yet - but we ARE expecting them soon!!!! We got the CUP HOLDERS back in stock too!!!!

Okay - so some of the things that are/have been happenin' around here....first - get THIS song in your head.....*I'm bringin' SEXY back......them other boys don't know how to act* - think JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE>>>..are you there!??!?! Now - look at THIS picture!!!

YEAH!! MOM especially is THRILLED!!! It's on it's way!!! you will now be able to purchase all of your favorite lines from Basic Grey at Scrap*Funattic AGAIN!!! I know, I know - it's been gone WAY to long - but i had my reasons, and well, things (just like life) have changed - so i can "roll wit it" just as well as the next guy - so we will ANNOUNCE it's arrival when IT arrives!! :)

Jana just NEVER seems to STOP!!! She dropped of her FAMOUS Coffee Koozies last week, as well as some "Eye Pillows" - well ALL the pillows are gone and we sold a LOT of koozies this weekend.....i love these things - they are DEFINITELY going in stockings this year - and they'd make a GREAT teacher gift....wrap it around one of the band aid tins with a gift card inside and walah - you have yourself a cute UNIQUE gift!!!! For ONLY $8.00!!! Can't BEAT THAT!!!

Speaking of Christmas thinking about ideas to give your hubby's, friends and parents this year - send them OUR way and we'll help YOU out!!! THESE tool caddies are PERFECT!! Don't know WHAT you'd use it for!?!?! Wellll - do you have a CUP HOLDER!?!?! NO - then you need to ask for one!! The PERFECT gift for a scrapper that "has it all" would be a cup holder with one of these AWESOME tool caddies........PERFECTION!!!!

as you MAY or MAY NOT know - our good friends at BAZZILL BASICS have decided to discontinue a GOOD CHUNK of their - for the most part - their brads are the ONLY selection you get to choose from when you come in to Scrap*Funattic - mainly b/c of the HUGE color selection that they with some research and persuasion from my girls (aka renee and kristy) we have decided to carry the DOODLEBUG brads!!! Soooo - when you visit our "BRAD CENTRAL"

you will now find THESE as well!!!

OMG - our Sports section was HURTIN' was almost - no it WAS embarrassing.....FINALLY we ordered the BoBunny Sports Line....and i must say it's pretty nice!!!! very "grunge-y"!! :) I might have already told you this - but owell - we have the shoulder totes to match the new Amy Butler totes - GORGEOUS!! AND affordable too - i was surprised!!!

SOLDERING ORNAMENT CLASS......get signed up for this class...this is your LAST chance to learn how to make this gorgeous ornament - which essentially is THREE charms!!! You don't HAVE to tie them together - you can leave them separate - you can insert pictures on each side, or your favorite Christmas paper - ANYTHING you'd like!!! Think OUTSIDE the box.....hurry hurry - this class will NOT be offered again THIS YEAR!!!!

ANOTHER OMG.....last week - we received a WONDERFUL gift from someone VERY SPECIAL!!! Thank you SOOOOO much Tara - Rocky is coming here TOMORROW (he doesn't know that yet..shhh!!) to hang it PROPERLY for us!!! We are so grateful for your friendship and will think of YOU every time we look at it!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! :)

Okay - on a semi personal note - i'm going out of town for Thanksgiving.....the VERY FIRST Thanksgiving away from MY FAMILY!! Thanksgiving to my mom's family is a pretty big deal - i know, i know - you marry and you leave and cleave.....but my husbands uncle is ill - so we're heading out to Texas to be with their family!!! i am kind of excited to see them and be on "vaca" sort of - but also sad to be away from mom and sis......Soooooo,in preparation of me being gone for FIVE FREAKIN DAYS, i have been doing some house cleaning around the store - making room for all the new stuff i've ordered and for the Christmas decor AS WELL as Black Friday - so with that comes CLEARANCE items......i get bored easily - (part of the a.d.d!!) ...... so things don't have a very long "shelf life" around here....that's good for you!!! Today - renee and i are adding MORE stuff to the clearance section and lowering the already 40% off price on SOME check that out when you're in next!!!

If you were at Crop Camp with me - and had made a special request for something to be ordered (you know who you are!) - i've ordered it....keep watching HERE to know when it comes in!

Ohhh, and the Stories By Everyone class is Tomorrow night - FREE CLASS!!! Just an informative walk through the site to help teach you how to create your own digital book!!!! Call for more details!!

If you're still needing some ME time to get those last minute gifts completed - we are having ONE Friday night crop in December - Friday December 19th......heck - i might even make it an all day - all night crop - when you call to sign up - ask about that!!!! $5.00

AND - we're having an ALL DAY crop on Saturday December 13th - 9:00am - 6:00pm - $5.00 - this is YOUR CHANCE!!!

Please also note that we are going to be CLOSED ON MONDAY DECEMBER THE FIRST.....FOR INVENTORY!!! If you have nothing else to do and wanna come help us COUNT OUR BRAINS OUT - come on over!! :) (dana...if you wanna cook for us again, that'd be AWESOME!! just jokin!)