Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm moving to FORKS!!!

Okay - so NON scrapbooking related news....TWILIGHT opens in TWO DAYS!! (if you don't count today!) ..... we are going on Saturday, cuz rocky's got a company dinner that we have to go to... :( BUT - renee and i spent yesterday having FUN!! FUN!! FUN!!!!

I was JUST going to make these for Danelle, Lexi and MEEEE, however i was wearing one yesterday in the store and had two highschool girls come in beggggging for one - so now renee is making them one!! Soooooo, she is making a FEW extra today if you're interested!!! Here's just a RAW photo of a few of them - there is a front and a back to them!!! I LOVE EDWARD!