Thursday, March 22, 2007

FINALLY!! The Crop*A*Ganza photos are on the photosite gallery!! They aren't PERFECT so to speak - I was trying to crop, enlarge and soften up some of them, but my computer is having a little bit of an "attitude" problem today - so it's not cooperating with me - so if you're interested, you can download them from your computer and edit them that way!!! Sorry for the long wait!!! But hey - I can now cross that off my list of things to do BEFORE Crop Camp!! YEAH!!! This time tomorrow - we will be CROPPIN CROPPIN and doin some more CROPPIN!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!! It's 11:45 PM and my car is filled with gas and ALL my croppin junk!!! Just have to finish some laundry, pack my energy drinks (MONSTER!!) and my peanut M&M's and I am GOOD to go!!! Got all 15 hours of music, and I'm ready to ROLL!!! Hope ya'll have a good weekend!!!

here's the link if you wanna check the photosite gallery!!