Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cross your fingers that this blog ACTUALLY gets published!! I have tried twice this weekend, for long periods of time - typing lots and lots - only to have it VANISH in front of my face!!! AHHHH technology!!! So, I'm trying this once again!!! What a weekend we have had!! We (Rocky and I) got the boys two turtles, upon returning from New Mexico about three weeks ago.......Thomas is Haydens turtle and "Filter Boy" W A S Kords turtle :( ......yep - we had our first official turtle funeral today. SAD!! We're not sure exactly WHAT happened - but we're down to only one turtle - and he's not doing real hot either! So, now I'm faced with the challenging decision - do I still scrap the turtles in their albums'?!!! Hmmm, have to think about that for awhile!!

Okay - on to "store" stuff, which is REALLY why ya'll read this!! :) I have been VERY busy over the last four days - reorganizing and displaying the store!!! I've added some more stuff to the clearance section - which is GROWING every day!! Our baby section is now something to be PROUD of!! It's gorgeous - the new lines from Deja Views and Cloud 9!! Heidi Grace will be here this week - and it's simply breathtaking!!! The spring line from Cloud 9 is pretty as well!! I LOVE SPRING!!! (except for the allergies!!!) Daisy D's......can I just say - this is my VERY FAVORITE line from them thus far!! It's just SO VIBRANT and GORGEOUS!! You have to SEEEeeeeee it and FFEEEEEeeeeelll it to REALLY appreciate it!!! It's called "Beacon Hill" and it's got some GREAT rub on's - featuring "Mommisms" they're hilarious - come in and check them out!! I got to really look at the Cosmo Cricket Lines finally today - we've had them for about a month, but I was gone when they came in - they're really nice as well!!!

BUT, what I'm MOST excited about are the new 12x12 doodling stencils from Crafters Workshop that we just got in!!! AND the new "Oodles of Doodles" book!!! We also have the ever famous "WHITE" Signo Pen!!! Can't wait to try those babies out!! Which I will be doing THIS weekend, FIVE days and counting till CROP CAMP!!! Look out ladies - I'm heading to Ooookklllahhhoommmmaaaa to CROP TILL I DROP!!! I am soooo very excited to be going AS A CROPPER!! Not a vendor, assistant, entertainer, observer, friend, companion, side kick - NO NO NO!! I am CROPPING!! Scrapbooking - my FIRST love!!! (just kidding honey!) But, seriously - I spent an entire week getting all of my "junk" organized - and two clip it up's later - I am READY to go!!! MMMMMM, I'm READY!!!

Okay - well, gotta run - but hey - come in to the store this week - we're having a SALE in our crop shop - 40% off!!! Paper is 5 for $1.00 and we're closing out ALL of our See D's stamp sets!!!! They're 40% off as well!! I'll keep you all posted this week, for the new stuff that comes in!!! Have a great Spring Break - get out doors!!! ~ peaceout!