Wednesday, March 14, 2007

LOOK at what Rocky and Renee did Monday!!! My loving husband and Renee took my fridge "out back" and gave her a WHOLE NEW MAKE OVER!!! "HS style!" You know you have a good husband when he spray paints your mini fridge HOT PINK!!! Renee added the HS flower masks - REALLY making it PERFECT!!! Of course mom about FREAKED out when she saw it, but "it's all good now"!!! Renee and I have been wanting to do that every since we saw that Heidi got a pink one from Pottery Barn for Christmas, but it was too expensive to buy one - so we thought - HELLO, let's just do it up "Heidi Style"!! And "WALAH!!" Doesn't pink just make you HAPPY!! It sure does me!!! ahhhhhhh...........

Oh, the new stuff is RUSHING in!!! And I mean RUSHING in !!!! We have the ENTIRE new Daisy D's "Beacon Hill" line, it's gorgeous!!! Here's a preview for ya.....their rub on's are THE BEST - TO DIE FOR!! VERY EASY and HARDY!!!

Oh, and the new......(maybe I shouldn't even be telling you this, this is kind of mean:::)!!!! ) We got the new AMM handbags in - YUUUMMMMYYYY!!! You should have seen all of us when we opened the boxes - Y Y U U M M M M Y Y !!! They are BEAUTIFUL!! But, we only have like 2 left!!!! But, I've ordered more and they will be here next week, so you can still see what's coming!!!

They each come in black or raspberry!!! The new Totes will be in next week as well!!! I cannot wait!!

Oh, the Clip It Up's - we are SOLD out of the base unit and the clips!!!! I KNOW!! We haven't even put them out on the floor yet!! You guys ROCK!! BUT, I have spoke with "Simply Renee" and they are shipping more out to me THIS WEEK!! So, don't worry - there's more on the way!! But we do still have a few of the upper tier left, so if you only purchased the base unit and need the upper tier - we have 'em!!!

What else came in today.............oH!!.....I think I'm gonna wait and do the rest tomorrow - I'll just leave you with a sneak peak!!! ;)

Have a good night!!! I'll "blog" more tomorrow!!!!! peace out!