Thursday, March 29, 2007

Okay - so it's Thursday.......and I haven't blogged in almost a week!! I get to goin' really good, then LIFE happens and things tend to take a back seat - like the blog!!! But, I have been thinking about blogging - does THAT count?!?! ha ha!! :) So, Crop Camp is over - boooohoooo!! We had a BLAST!!! I personally completed (minus the computer journaling) 18 pages!!! That is HUGE for me!! Renee was at 19 on Saturday night - so I don't even want to GUESSTIMATE how many she completed total!! Sarah finished a few different projects too!! We had so much fun!!! It's just like being 13 again, and hanging out at a slumber party with your girlfriends!!
I love this photo of my sista - we all three had our headphones on - but still socializin'!!! But, she's also wearing the new shirts from Scrappin' Boot Camp!! They are PINK AND BROWN!! We have them in the store now, but let me tell ya - they run SMALL!!!! But, they're so cute!!!This is so RENEE!!! She is a HOOT!! We had SO much fun laughing with her!! I strongly believe that if you have someone in your friendship circle that you can laugh with and at - then it's "all good"!!! This weekend was VERY therapuetic (is that spelled right?!) Renee bought the three of us all these little "tiaras"!! We wore them all weekend!!! Like I said - just like being 13 again!!!
Here's a one page LO that I did - I know it's very simple - but it's the fastest page I've EVER done and HAD to get a picture of it!!
And this photo is of the MOST DIVINE chocolate cake I've EVER had!! That is probably one of my most favorite things about Crop Camp!! They have "Maggie"!! She cooks for us ALL WEEKEND LONG!! I mean COOKS!! We had homemade chicken noodles - she MADE the noodles!!! SERIOUSLY!!! It's SOOOOO delicious!!!

But, the reason for today's blog is to thank someone special!! I have been SO blessed to have had Alicia Day enter my life. Not just for "Scrap*Funattic", but for me, personally!!! Alicia is KNOWN for being just a LITTLE over the top - OCD!!! SERIOUSLY!! She is SO organized that it's crazy!!! But she came to me about 7 months ago with this great idea to teach an organizational class. I thought it sounded great - I could REALLY use the instruction and direction myself!!! So, we kicked off our first organizational class, and for 8 weeks she came and taught us what worked for HER, as well as what she'd researched other Scrappers were doing. I was VERY skeptical about "her" way - didn't think she knew what she was talkin' about (ha ha!) know - just didn't think it would work for MY style. BUT, I gave her way a try!!! Alicia has totally changed my opinion and outlook on Scrapbooking. Once I followed how she organizes her photos, learned about sketches, and organized my materials - I made page turns out that the entire VAN LOAD that I took to Crop Camp was not necessary. I could NOT have completed as many layouts as I did if I hadn't been so organized and ready for this crop!!! I know that I am just rambling here - and probably not making much sense to anyone but myself and Alicia - but Alicia, I want to sincerely thank you for working with me and helping to get me organized so that I can ENJOY scrapbooking again and not feel as though it's a "chore" that I just HAVE to complete!! I love ya man!!!!


aday said...

OMGoodness girl I seriously have tears in my eyes. That is the sweetest thing. I have had soo many ladies tell me how its changed their scrapping ways and I am soo proud of you for getting soo much done!
We need to set up a class in May or June for the next Cropper Hopper Class