Monday, March 19, 2007

FOUR DAYS!!! I'm almost ready to start counting down the MINUTES!!! TILL CROP CAMP!!! I'm downloading some of my NEW favorite music to my IPOD for my trip!! I love music - everything from PINK to Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale!!! (moms of "tweenies" - you know who she is!!! They're from Disney Channel!!! I KNOW!! whoda thunk it?!?! Sale stuff in the store.......GOING fast!!! I added some more stuff this evening after closing - we're closing out the Worldwin Doublemates cardstock.....LOVE their cardstock - but REALLY love Bazzill!! AND, since we've got the new BLING, Medium Scallop, and 1/2 scallop in today - AND the new smoothies coming soon - we gotta have the room!!!! So, ALL Doublemates are 3 for $1.00!!! Come in and get them while you can!! Got some other "stuff" in today - but I can't divuldge ALL of our secrets, then you won't have any reason to come in and see US!!!! But I will say - I got some HEIDI SWAPP shirts in today!!!! ONLY a limited number - like I'm talking UNDER TEN shirts!! If you're interested - you better get em while you can!!! Oh - and we got some really cool NEW die cuts - I'll have more on that coming next entry!!!

But, I do just want to take a minute to BRAG on our instructors!! We are SO very lucky to have such an awesome group of ladies teaching for us!!! They are ON THE BALL, ON THE EDGE, and AWESOME!!! I've seen the upcoming classes - through JUNE (!!!) can you BELIEVE that they are THAT far ahead of the game?!?! And you are going to be SO pleased!!! If you want to stay on the edge with us - then you need to be signing up for some classes with these ladies!!! Patient, trendy, knowledgeable, sweet and most importantly - looking out for YOU!!!! We've got some GREAT and exciting things coming up and I'm SO excited for Scrap*Funattic - and for you!!!! Just in case you didn't know.....ALL of our classes are UNIQUE!!! There is no "handbook" - no "class kits" that are sent from our Vendors.....NOPE!! These ladies come up with this stuff month after month after month!!!!! So, next time you're in the store - take a minute to flip through our class book, and sign up for a class or two!!! I can't tell you HOW many friends that I, personally, have made by taking a class!! I promise you WILL not be disappointed.....and if you are - I want to know!!!!

Also - just a question for many of you out there have tried Digital Scrapbooking???? LMK!!! ~ have a great week!!! peaceout :)~