Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It is FINISHED!!! ALL of our NEW Heidi Swapp "stuff" is here and OUT for YOU to enjoy!!! FINALLY!!! It seems like we've been WAITING on her stuff for the longest time!!! But, I stayed late tonight and FINISHED it!! I must say - it FINALLY looks perfect!!! Everything fit perfectly - with room to spare!! And that's great because there were a few items that were backordered - so they'll have a "home" waiting for them when they arrive!!!!
I can't decide WHICH new product is my favorite....the CROWN bling or the HEART bling??!!? Oh, what about the new "Writers Blocks"?!?!'s the new GIANT Playing Cards!!! Those look so FUN!!! Naaaaaa, I'm REALLY DIGGING the XL photo Corners!!!! But the XL Ghost Shapes are pretty neat too!!! And Alicia - you're going to LOVE the Clock Overlays!!!
Yes, these ARE the rolled stickers......I have to take back what I said about a month ago.......I said that I would NEVER have rolled stickers!!! BUT, Heidi is trying to make them a "come back"........we'll see how they "fly"!!?!?!?
Oh - the Clip It Ups are in!!! BUT, once again - we're ALMOST sold out of them!!! I KNOW!! They are SUCH a GREAT solution for organization!! I'm anxious to use mine this weekend at crop camp.....(2 days away!)
Okay - well, that's all for now......ohhhh, wait - just an FYI.....we REshooting our commercial on Monday!!! We shot it two weeks ago and it wasn't what we had hoped for the first take - so we're going to give it another "go"!!! If you'd like to be in the store to support us - that would be awesome!!! Even if it's just to shop - we'd love to have your support - the more the merrier!!!! We'll start around 9:30 - and it usually takes about 1/2 an hour!!!