Monday, July 30, 2007

Okay - so this is sort of random - but I don't really have ANYTHING in particular that I'm wanting to blog about - so I apologize ahead of time!!!

First of all, Renee and I were talking yesterday about crop night, and how we never seem to have enough time to get anything done!!! I told her that I would enjoy cropping EVERY friday night if I didn't have to live with the guilt of being away from my family every Friday night.......thats when she said...."Our families are JUST going to HAVE to understand, that we cannot make ANYMORE "NEW" memories, until we scrapbook these "OLD"ones"!!! I thought that was a PERFECT analogy of what we're all going through!! (at least I hope I'm not alone!) Wouldn't you just LOVE to freeze time, just for ONE week - FREEZE everything but YOU!! You could spend that ENTIRE week - ALL ALONE - scrapbooking......ahhhhh, give me a minute.....ahhhhhh - ahhhhhhh - are you there in your mind with me!! A L L A L O N E!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Anyway - just thought I'd share that with you!!!

Also - since I mentioned Kords party - thought I'd share this photo from his party - we had a great time!!! For the third year in a ROW, went to pick up the cake and they spelled his name wrong.....I've learned NOT to let it spoil his day!! Then 30 minutes before the party is to begin.....the "Moon Walk" folks call.....they had a flat tire on their way to their first call that morning, pulled over and while changing the tire - were rear ended!! SOOOO, they were going to be a little late!! They showed up an hour after the party began!!! WITH NO EXTENSION chords!!! HELLO!?!? Are you serious!?! Here's Kord, getting ready to knock the candy out of "Donatelo" - the Ninja Turtle Pinata!!! (I didn't take a ton of pictures this year - I handed my camera off some and enjoyed the party for a change!!!) We played lots of water volleyball - I do recall the GIRLS "whooped" the BOYZ!!!

Kord got Guitar Hero for his birthday - I AM IN LOVE!! I don't think I'll get ANYTHING done this week!! It's SOOOO much fun!!! I totally am saving for a WII now!!! (is that how you spell it?!)

Got some great news.......several of our orders from the show, have shipped!!! HOORAY!!! AND, we FINALLY got our backorderd "Captain Jack Sparrow" in from Rusty Pickle...FINALLLY!!!

Lan, how did your weekend go with your crop gals?!? Mom said your scavenger hunt went well!! I'd like to hear more about your weekend if you get a minute!!!
Okay - until next time!!! Have a great Tuesday!