Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy THURSDAY!! ONE more day till the show floor opens up and we will be there BRIGHT and early - we have a 7:00am class before hand - so we'll be READ-I!!! This morning was SO MUCH FUN!! We took our first class....Daisy D's 1-2-3!! It was this adorable Maya Road arrow album that we made from Daisy D's new HALLOWEEN LINE!! And we got to use the NEW rub on STITCHING!! FUN FUN!! GETTIN US SOME OF THOSE!! I just "heart" me some daisy d's - (From the words of someone else I know!) But, thought I'd include a picture for you to see!!! Look at ALL this stuff that they gave us!! They are definitely one of my more favorite companies to work with!!!

But even more fun, we got to meet up with our good friend Sheri Beersman!! We met her last September at Memory Trends!! She's from Boliver Missouri, and has a store there (the scrapbook nook)- she has ELSIE's BFF as one of her instructors - LUCKY DOG!! Although, I think our instructors are pretty HOT TO TROT as well!!!! Anyway - we took the class with her and got to catch up!! It's so funny how all of us "retailers" are in a class!! NONE of us LISTEN!! We are HORRIBLE students!! I'm sure these Manufacturers are like "SHUT UP AND LISTEN"!!! But, we had a blast!! Mom and I didn't finish ours, so we'll work on that tonight after our last class - Melissa Francis "Open Up"!! Using the NEW open up albums - don't worry - I'll be checking on those star albums we are MISSING!!!

Mom got to "live it up" a little!!! She was in HEAVEN, they have a "Hummel" MUSEUM in the CONVENTION center!! SHE IS IN HE-AV-EN!!!!!!
Show floor opens up tomorrow - CANNOT WAIT!!! I'll post more later!!

Here's a photo of the show floor in progress!!!! Renee, I got a picture of the wall of RIBBON - just for you!!!!

And NO I am NOT using my Cannon Rebel - but boy do I miss it!!!


babsbrown said...

Renee HEARTS ribbon!!

Sarah Corbett said...

oh my goodness sounds like you are all having sooo much fun!

TGH said...

Have fun and bring back some new goodies. Praying for a safe & fun trip for you and mom.

doggiemom said...

Love, love , love the arrow albums. All I can think of is WOW!! I really like the stitches "rub-ons" too. The buttons and fabric flowers look really neat too. Can't wait until you all get back and then the new stuff starts rolling in.

Hope you are having a great time there.

Summer said...

I love those stitch rub ons!

Those arrow books look awesome too~

Can't wait to see what is coming up next! Thanks for the pictures!

Sounds like soo much fun!

*Chelle* said...

Glad to see you two are having a blast!!! Love that Daisy D's stuff and those stitches rubons have got to be mine!!!