Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wednesday is FINALLY here, and it's time to leave for Chicago!! As I type this - it's before 8:00 am, and I'm at the store - NO MAKEUP trying to finish up some last minute things before the store opens.....finish my workout, pack my suitcase, shower - dress, spend some time with my kids, finish kord's birthday invitations - mail them, eat something sometime - and get to the airport TWO hours before our flight leaves at 2:30!!! HOLY COW, how is that going to happen!??! So, not much time to blog - but I promised I would really try to blog daily - cuz I really want more people to check things out here, and that way I don't have to send out 5 newsletters a month!!!

So, special person that I met with yesterday!?!? Are you wondering?! Brynn called last night and asked and I'd TOTALLY forgotten that I'd mentioned that in the previous blog......Okay - so we've been talking about doing an "All About Me" class here at the "attic"!?!!! And I found the perfect person to teach it!!! Summer Crook has decided to join our instructor team!! I'm so excited!! Her "style" is so fresh,trendy - yet very traditional all at the same time!! You're gonna love her!! I'll get more bio information from her over the next couple of weeks, but be looking for more information on that class - coming PROBABLY early September!! I don't want to rush it - with summer (the season!) in full swing - we'll probably start it after school gears back up!!! So, be ready for that - I am SOOOO excited for this class!!!

Okay - so far the feedback I got on Basic Grey is good - which surprises me cuz I DO NOT like them!??!! Alicia - your thoughts?!?!? Speaking of Alicia - your class is FULL once again!! Thank goodness!!! Everythings ready to go - and I found an entire FULL box of Clip it Ups, so no worries there!!! Renee is your right hand "woMAN" on Saturday - she's got everything ready for you!!!

Okay - I'm off, I'll get back to you with more photos and comments from CHICAGO!!!!

PS - we're having some SURPRISE sales while we're gone - be the FIRST to hear about!!!!



aday said...

Where are you getting those cute little pics? I LOVE THEM!! Have you seen my hair check out my blog. I am just not a BG grey I am loving the BAM POP!! Can you check that out while you all are in Chicago?