Friday, July 27, 2007

It's FRIDAY!!! ONE MORE DAY till the big "7"....Kords birthday party!! I finally finished his album....with a little help from a friend ;) !!! I will take pictures of it later on and post them for're gonna love it - cuz we're gonna be having a class on it!!! Also we've been working on some cool new acrylic projects at the store that are going up in the store today also - I'll post those pictures as well!!!

BUT, the reason for the blog update.....i'm sending out an email later - but for all of you LOYAL blog readers.....we're marking our clearance section DOWN even LOWER!!! AND we're adding some new goodies to it as well!! So, get in THIS WEEKEND......once the new stuff starts rolling in...the clearance stuff will be the first to GO!!!

More posts later!!