Friday, July 27, 2007

Okay - here are the pics that i promised earlier....we were SUPER busy today, but I did manage to get our acrylic "goodies" up!! I LOVE the way they look!!! There are lots more, even stars...I just don't have time to post all of them tonight!!

OH, and guess what came yesterday!!??! YEP!! Our 12x12 PRINTER!! Cannot WAIT to get this puppy up and running!!! (I asked the fed-ex mans permission before posting his photo!)

Okay - here's what I made Kord for his birthday!! Every year I make him an altered book of some sort....he LOVES them!!! So, this year, I had Renee help me make him this one!! And, if you're lovin' it......we're gonna have a class for you to make your very own!!! Renee has agreed to teach a monthly class called "Renees Fabulous Finds"....August 18th.....if you're interested - give us a call and we'll fill you in!!! Be looking for more info on the other attic girls classes!!! They've got some great ideas in the works!!!
Okay - added some more stuff to our clearance section - including some disney stuff!!! AND we've lowered the prices even MORE!!! Come out this weekend and see if theres anything you CANNOT live without!! I talked with three different vendors that I ordered from the show.....they are all shipping on MONDAY!!! YIIPPPEEEEE!!!


Expressions by Jenn said...

I love the new acrylic goodies!

Summer said...

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY KORD!!!!

I love his album it is darling!!! Love the name of Renee's class too!

babsbrown said...

Wow! That sure is an awesome book! :) Whoever that friend is that helped you with it sure is talented! :) haha!

Steff & the gang!!! said...'re a NUT BALL!!! HA HA!! Thanks so much for your help with this - I'm glad I could be your FIRST guinnea pig!! (is that how you spell guinnea?!?)

aday said...

Love the BOOK!! Hello!! Wonder if I can make that one it ROCKS!!