Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happy Monday!!! I have SOOOOO many things that I want to blog about - but just not enough time - so I've decided that I will just post this little blog now and get back to the good stuff later on this afternoon!!

Went to KC last week with the family for a getaway!! Had a blast!!! Went to SIX scrapbook stores - I'll post the stores and the great things I found later on!!!

Mom and I are getting our laundry caught up - bags packed and in boxes cleared out so that we can leave for Chicago on Wednesday!! There are SO many things that I want so badly - but have been put on a STRICT BUDGET!! YUCK!!!! So, wish me luck with that!!!

Oh - we had a cancellation in the Cropper Hopper class - so if you were one of MANY that were disappointed that it was full - nows your chance! But, you'd better call NOW!!

Oh, came across this photo today while uploading 1,055 pictures from our week long vacation!! ( I KNOW!) and just HAD to post it!!! It's from Renee's birthday party crop!! We had a blast!! She insisted that we ALL wear PINK, bring a PINK snack, and then we all got her PINK gifts!! This was a PINK beach towel that she was wearing as a cape and FLYING around the room!!! FUN FUN!!! I'll have to post more from that party later!! We really did have fun!!

Okay - I just wanted to let you all know that I haven't forgotten about the blog - I have lots to say and I'll be back later on this afternoon!!!


babsbrown said...

Oh, you know only a true DIVA could look that good in a towel cape!

aday said...

let me know who cancelled I have been sending out emails :)