Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hiya!! How is everyone?!?! We are finally gettng back to "normalcy" after the show....I, personally, haven't even completely unpacked yet!! I feel like I'm in FASTFORWARD and the world is moving in you get the visual picture I'm trying to show?!?! I haven't done laundry since before we left for KC, then went to Chicago....and now I'm running out of clothes to wear!!! Kords 7th birthday party is this weekend, and I always - ALWAYS - over "plan" things, making it harder on myself!! I STILL haven't been to the store for decorations, food, goodie bags, or even the CAKE!!! What kind of a mother am I?!?! And on top of all that - every year I have made him an altered book of some sort, with pictures from the last year - so I decided to have Renee help me make her "alpha" book for his...STILL haven't finished it yet!!! Then, I gave all of us girls at the store - aka "the attic DeSiGn TeAm" projects due by FRIDAY morning!! So, what the heck was I thinking?!?!! It's gonna be a long night!!! So, check back tomorrow - cuz I'm gonna have some pics from the store of our latest WINTER CHA releases!! You'll understand tomorrow!! PLUS, more SALE "gossip" for ya too!!! Have a great day!!