Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The guilt that "not blogging" leaves me is almost OVERWHELMING!!! As if I needed ANYTHING more to pile on my plate to feel guilty about!!! BUT, I have decided that just because I don't think something is "blog" worthy - doesn't mean you would feel that way....right?!?! So, I've decided to blog anyway!! Even if its boring, so to speak!! So, I hope you'll just continue to check in with "us" - or me (!!) and read my boring, guilty blogging!!

OKay - so we're (mom and I) are gearing up for the CHA summer show in Chicago, IL......we leave on July 18th....the girls here at the store have given me a list as long as EACH of THEIR arms of things that they're interested in!! Soooooooo, here we go!! I want to Scrap*Funattic to be more "YOUR" store!! I want us to be the scrapbook store YOU go to for things you don't find at "Michaels", "Hobby Lobby", or other LSS (local scrapbook stores).......so, those of you that have stalked the web sites and your favorite companies new releases - TELL ME WHAT you're looking for!! TELL ME what you're "diggin" right now!! I can't promise that I will be "bringin it home with me", but I want feedback from YOU!! So, this is your chance, this is YOUR opportunity to voice your opinion!!! I want some feedback!!!! Now, here's the catch......b/c the comments that you post here are made available to the public, I'd prefer that you email me personally.....so that way we can keep it on the "DL" (downlow!) ....aren't you diggin all these abbreviations that I'm teaching you!!! So, email me at scrapfunattic@cox.net and put "Steffanie" in the subject line.

Okay - I have more to say - and more pictures to post - but I'll save that for tomorrow!!!