Sunday, July 22, 2007

It's OFFICIAL!! Alicia Day is FAMOUS!!! So, here's the story:

"M"om and I are standing in the Clip It Up booth at CHA in Rosemont, Illinois....visiting with "Renee" - the founder of the company "Simply Renee" (they make Clip It Up!).....visiting with her about how much we LLLOOOVVEEE her product, and how friendly they are and how quick they're turn around time is!! You know the usual "schmoozing"! And I'm talking to her about our Cropper Hopper Organizational class that ALICIA teaches, and how she had to RE-write her outline to incorporate the Clip It Up into her curriculum.....all of a sudden Renee SMILES real big and says - does she post on 2peas?? (YES!) is she a cute lil' thing with short hair? (YES!!) She digs through her promo book, that is laminated, and shows me ALICIA's post that she has!!!! Alicia posted on 2peas, her love of the Clip It Up, and Renee got a hold of it and included it in her press packet!!! I took her picture holding it and also of the post!!! She remembered "lil ol'" alicia day and her post!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
And for those of you that took the organizational class yesterday - I want to hear from you - POST YOUR COMMENTS HERE!! We're trying to get Alicia to teach this class every 6 weeks - did you enjoy it - did it change your life FOREVER :) like I said it would!?!?! Let us hear from you!!!

So, the show floor is closed - the show is OVER!! And we are POOPED!! Ready to come home!! Ready to be with my kids and hubby!! Ready to eat a CHEAP meal!! At lunch today, we met up with some fellow scrapbook store owners from Missouri, and we went up to REFILL our SMALL drinks with DIET PEPSI.....$4.49!!! REFILLS!!! HOLY @*#&@)!!!! It's crazy here!!!this is our friend Sherri from Bolivar, Missouri....shes been open for ALMOST a year - LOVE her!! She's SUPA sweet!!!

We got some TINY shopping baskets!! They're SUP-A cute!! They fit down inside our big ones, but can also be used in our crop area!! Also - mom did it........she bought the Epson R1800 12x12 printer!! I CANNOT wait TO GET my HANDS on that THING!!! Which will be SUPER exciting to use with the "GLITZ" cd's that I BOUGHT for the store as well!!! Look out ladies - DIGITAL is coming - and WE ARE READY!! Mom took TONS of classes on it and is VERY excited to get started!!!

We're going to be auctioning off some cool finds from Crop*A*Ganza for local charities also!! I got some cool ganza donations while I was here!! Laurie and I have put together some FABULOUS page kit challenges from Heidi Grace!! It's getting closer and I'm starting to get excited!!!! Are you all ready!!!

just a lil inspiration for ya....LOvInG the buttons!! PS - I've ordered A TON of buttons as this show - they are all SHIPPING NOW!!! TONS AND TONS OF THEM!!! We could probably be known as the button store now and not the flower store anymore!?!?!


aday said...

OH WOW!! I am blushing, but I am pretty sure no lady who didnt own one left with one I couldnt say enough!

christie said...

Hey Steff--I would like to confirm your opinion the Alicia Rocks! She's awesome and I am pretty close to having my room organized. I worked all day today and am so pleased with how everything is turning out. Now all I need is time to paint my desk a nice coordinating color. You can check out my other thoughts on the AWESOME class on my blog...and I am going to post pics of my super organized room sometime tonight or tomorrow (as soon as it's done) YAY! This is truly life changing. The only thing I don't get is some of the ladies said that when there room is super organized they don't want to scrap and mess it up. I have been trying really hard to not scrap until I am done. I am like a kid on Christmas morning--I can't wait!

Liz S said...

WOW, I can't wait to see all the new stuff you guys have ordered! With gas prices so high it's gonna cost me a fortune to come to the store at least once a week, but you guys are so worth it!! :)

I LOVE ALICIA'S CLASS! She should do one every 6 weeks and you should double her pay for doing it. I don't think there was anyone who left the store without a Clip it up (I now need another one)!

My husband said I should have taken the class years ago. I sat in my area all day Sunday just organinzing everything (except pictures, that's gonna take a while, sorry Alicia).

Welcome home,