Friday, July 20, 2007

What a DAY!! FUN FUN AND MORE FUN!! I cannot BELIEVE all the wonderful things that they are releasing at this show!!! I've placed some orders for some WONDERFUL stuff - that is shipping w/i the next TWO WEEKS!!! HIP HIP.....HOORAY!!! (I still think of jill when I say that!) :).....anyway - I don't want to tell you exactly what I've ordered until I'm for sure it's a "GO" - (if ya know what I mean)! But, you are gonna be HAPPY!!! I PROMISE!!!

I'm gonna download some of the photos from the show - I haven't altered them, so they might be a little blurry - and since our photosite gallery is no more - I can't download them all now. (I'm working on that - Photosite gallery is going out of business, so I'm working on another website!) Some great layouts to lift!!

NEW HEIDI Mini Masks!!!



Summer, I'm finding some WONDERFUL stuff for your "All About Me" class (which we're taking votes from us attic gals on your submissions for names!) I personally like "Lets talk about ME!" But, we'll see, I might get outvoted!!!

I've picked up several new companies - both to US and new to this INDUSTRY!! I'm SUP-A excited (from the mouth of Sarah)!!!!

Mom and I made another small Melissa Francis album - and they have released TEN new open up albums like the stars and ovals that we already carry.....gettin ALL of them!!! The stars are on their way!!!!

This morning, I made an ENTIRE album with DCWV stacks!! They are coming out with two new lines - All Dressed Up and Rockstar!! SKULLS are ALL OVER THE PLACE HERE!?!?!?

Okay - for those of you LOYAL Basic Grey fans......bad news.....I'm NOT feeling it this time............please......understand!!! I'm just not feeling them this time........your opinions matter to me!! So, I hope you understand and can see it from a Retailer side.....maybe next time?!?!

Okay - that's just a little information for you from Chicago - more tomorrow!! My catalogs are calling to me!!!!

Good luck to all of you SOON TO BE ORGANIZED CROPPERS TOMORROW!! This class will make you a better cropper!!!! Have fun!!!


Summer said...

OMG I am loving the pictures of everything sooo far!!! Yes I love the skulls & rockstar stuff!!! So much fun!! I CAN NOT wait to see what you are coming home with! I have been doing tons of research for ideas for the class! AND I AM getting SUPER excited! WOOHOO!!! Can not wait for you to get home so I can share!