Saturday, July 21, 2007


I'm SOOO tired, but CANNOT sleep! So, I thought I'd blog!! I'm so excited about our choices that we've made this show!! It's VERY hard to decide WHAT to actually order at these shows!! Obviously - there's very little that you don't WANT!! But, the hardest part is the BUDGET first of all - MAN has THAT been hard this time!! But even harder is choosing what will be the "best" decision for the "most" people!!!! So, I hope you like my choices!! We should start seeing the first batch of shipments as early as NEXT week!!! But, these are just a few of the NEW lines that I picked up!! I'm SOOO proud of myself!! I had TWO goals for this show - and I have achieved BOTH of them, now I just hope they prove to be the RIGHT goals!!! We have one more day here in Chicago, and we're on the show floor till 4:oo - but then it's back HOME!! I cannot wait - I miss my "people!" (thats my hubby and kids btw!)
This company is not BRAND NEW - but they are new to US!! You are going to LOVE their paper!!! They are also releasing these adorable and FUN planners/journals!! (We're getting them!) They're out of Austraila........LOVE this company!!!

Not BRAND NEW either - about a year or so old - but very fresh, clean, refreshing papers!! Plus the gals are SUPER sweet and down to earth!! That helps alot!!! Ordered some "boy" paper from these ladies!

Hold onto your purses ladies!! These three gals "got it goin on"!! They're paper is so much FUN, but the biggest thing for these ladies right now - is that they offer their paper collections on CD!! So, you can buy the cd, and PRINT YOUR OWN PAPER!!! You laugh now - but lemme tell ya - digital is COMING!!! And we're gonna be READY!!!

Okay - I'm sure you've heard about SassaFrasLass....I have loved them for awhile - but haven't been able to find them anywhere - guess what - THEY'RE COMING TO THE ATTIC!!! I'm SUP-A excited!! LOVE THEIR PAPER!!!!

Just a lil CHA gossip - in case you hadn't heard - Heidi Grace.....just had her baby LAST CHA 2007 Winter show.....PREGNANT AGAIN!! Kids are going to be 12 months apart!! Let's all have a moment of silence and prayer for both here and heidi swapp!! They're going to need it!!


3divasmommie said...

You have made some great choices for the store!!! I don't think you or mom can make a bad one with all of the great products out there. (except maybe BAM POP). I can't wait to get my lil hands on Urban Lily!! I already have the girls' outfits pick out for the paper!!'s that for planning in advance Alicia? lol By the way Alicia's class was very productive and informative. I have never seen so much of my paper all at once. Didn't even know what all I had!! Now I am better prepared to COMPLETE and FINISH a layout when I go to a crop! This class is a MUST!! Thanks again!!!