Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Okay - so we FINALLY made it to Chicago!! Took us FOREVER to find the SHUTTLE to the hotel.....finally made it to the hotel.....then mom tried to break into someone's room!!!! HILARIOUS! ! Had to be here to understand!!! Anyway - going out - looking for a nice place to eat some dinner, and a good glass of wine!!! Wanted to hear your thoughts on these three new lines:::::::::

This is where we've been getting most of our sneak peeks for the new releases.........chek them out!!!

What do you think about this line?? (I'm feeling Alicia LOVING this one, could be wrong - but maybe!)

Melissa Kelly - guess what I found: (chatterbox!) Autumn Leaves October Afternoon?!?!?

Okay - I'm off to dinner, will check back later - can you believe how often we've been posting - OH, and YES there WILL be a sale - and YES she DID know about it - it's just WAY TOO easy for MOM to be a MOM !!!!

More on that later on!!!

Alicia - mom and I lovvvvve your hair!! Makes me wanna stop growing mine!!!!



aday said...

OH Stop I am blushing :)

I LOVE THE BAM POP!! I think its really cool and fun and funky too!!

Liz S said...

Hi Steff & Mom,

Hope you're having a great time! (I'm so jealous).

I love the Bam Pop and mod techno pop. Everything else was ok.

Just my 2 cents worth.


babsbrown said...

October Afternoon is cute and they have OWL RUB ONS!! Kinda Scenic Route-ish... And you know I heart me some BAM POP! Rock on Shock-a-kon!!!! ;)

Sam said...

Ok...goin against the flow. Love the chatterbox and october afternoon. Not so sure on the Bam Pop! Somebody's got to be different. :)


Summer said...

I am loving the Bam Pop!!! Also loving the Autumn Leaves stuff! I want that Rhonna Book!