Monday, December 10, 2007

WOW!! What a GREAT start to our 12 Days of Christmas Sale!! MANY of you took advantage of some early shopping with our CRICUT cartridge sale today!! THANK YOU!!! (for those of you that came by the store and made a PURCHASE of $50.00 or more - you will have your "attic BUX" waiting for you at the store next time you're in!!) It is for the ENTIRE purchase - not just for our Gift Certificates!! So, keep that in mind while you're doing your shopping!!

Okay - so tomorrow is Tuesday December 11th.....which means ALL of our Bazzill Cardstock – Buy TEN sheets – get FIVE free!!!! This is always a BIG day - so get in while you can!!! Stock up now on those upcoming projects!!!

Congratulations to JR (roeder!) for her WONDERFUL version of Dominic the Donkey (which happens to be Renee's FAVORITE Christmas song btw!)!! I think its AWESOME that Jennifer MUSTERED (is that how you spell that!? Or is it like "mustard"!?!?) up the enthusiasm to sing us a CHRISTMAS SONG!! Since she HATES Christmas music!! So, that was a BONUS in my book!! Jennifer won the new Cosmo Cricut paper pack!! It will be waiting for you next time you're in my dear!!!

So, here's your next challenge!! I'm giving you a head start on this one - cuz we might all have a SLOW START to our morning tomorrow with the weather!!! This is a Christmas Trivia quiz. You must answer ALL of the questions correctly!!!! You can either call or come by or email us with your answers.....the first correct winner wins!! We will post the winner as soon as they have won so that you don't have to STRESS over it!! (cuz you know you will be....those competitive ones of you out there hmmmhmmm....dana!!!)

These are all from the "Twas the Night Before Christmas song/story"!! So, get to singin it in your heads!!! GOOD LUCK!

1.What is the name of the first reindeer Santa calls in The Night Before Christmas?

2.Where did Santa land his sleigh in "The Night Before Christmas"?

3.What one reindeer is never mentioned in "The Night Before Christmas"?

4.In The Night Before Christmas, where were the stockings hung?

5.In The Night Before Christmas I sprang from my bed to see what?
call 733-0029 email or come by!


Brynn said...

I just sent my answers in an e-mail. I can't wait to see how wins. Good luck ladies!

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