Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This post is gonna be a little long - you might wanna grab a warm or cold beverage of choice and enjoy!!! Or a snack - oooohhhh what about some chips and salsa - or mmmmmmm some peanut brittle....that sounds nice!!! Ummmmm popcorn too!! And a diet d.p!!! Okay- you get the idea!!!
FINALLY!! We have a WINNER!!! We had a few (few meaning not MANY!) submissions- but they were not ALL correct - until we received SUMMA-TIMES!!! Summer Crook - our lovely winner for our MONDAY challenge!!! I like to say a lil' somethin' about the winner each time they win!! Summer - talented, beautiful, NICE, and NEVER has a BAD thing to say about ANYONE!! She's definitely someone to LOVE!! So refreshing and so talented - that's always a nice compliment isn't it!! Congratulations Summer!!!! (oh and she teaches our aweso{ME} class too!!)

So, here are the anwers for the Frosty Quiz!!

1. What were Frosty's last words?.........."I'll be back again someday!!"
2. What did the traffic cop holler to Frosty?............."STOP"
3. Who brought Frosty back to life?............Santa
4. What is the fabric of Frosty's hat?...........silk
5. Who trapped Frosty in the greenhouse?........the magician
6. Where are Karen and Frosty going?............to the North Pole
7. How do Karen and Frosty get around (or travel)?......by train
8. What riding toy does Frosty behave like?..........a sled
9. In "Frosty the Snowman" the movie (1969), who's voice is that of the narrator?....Jimmy Durante
10. The greedy magician is really after what?...........Frosty's magic hat

NOW - it's TUESDAY - which usually means DOUBLE PUNCH TUESDAY around here - but it's also our 9th day of our 12 days of Christmas sale!!! So, today is the day to get your albums and/or refills bought!! Take $5.00 off all Albums and/or buy ONE pkg of page refills - get ONE for 1/2 off!!!!

NEW STUFF!! We now have THREE colors of Glitter Mist!!! If you haven't tried this stuff - it's really cool!! Renee has made a couple of gorgeous layouts with this glitter mist - you have to come see them! We have the Alcohol Ink Tins in - yes, these are the larger tins that you can "house" your STICKLES in!!!! (YES Liz - I am holding one for you!!!) We have more band-aid tins in - both decorated and just plain ol' tins!!! We have the Making Memories Desk Carousels in!! WE ARE SO EXCITED about these - Renee, mom and I have been waiting on these FOREVER!!

OH - and these EVER SO POPULAR Pull EZ Ribbon Purse !!! We've only got the PINK now - but more are on the way!!!!

AND the new Imaginisce EASTER paper!! You HAVE to be thinking about these things AHEAD of time people!!!! :)

Saturday we had a WONDERFUL SURPRISE!!! Jana made us these GORGEOUS BUX CUP WARMERS!!!! Aren't the BEAUTIFUL!!! AND they're made out of Amy Butler Fabric!! LOVE THEM!! Thank you Jana - did you get my gift to you?????AND, we just got these cool KOOZIES in last week!! From 2chicks - these are FUN!! And would make PERFECT stocking stuffers!!! We also have some CUTE keychains that would be perfect!!! ( i apologize - i don't have time to crop my photos and digi-tize them for you!!)

Other NEW books we have in!!!!

Okay - so we also have a winner for the SNOW ANGEL challenge on Sunday!!! Michelle BFBF is our WINNER!!! Yes, she DID win on Saturday - HOWEVER she was the ONLY ELIGIBLE submission!! SO SHE WINS THE TAG-ALONG cup holder!!!! We love M-BFBFBF!!!!

Your challenge for TUESDAY is for all of YOU - our LOYAL BLOG STALKERS/READERS!!! (CW - thank you for this!) and NO it's not Christmas related!!!! Maybe this will get you all back into PARTICPATING!!! COME ON!!! Answer these questions correctly and we'll have a lil somethin' somethin' for you!!

NOW - some of these are PERSONAL and some of them are scrapbooking/store related........good luck!!!

1. What MONTH did Scrap*Funattic OPEN her doors?

2. What is the name of the "Band" that Sarah and Steffanie's brother is in?

3. What is Steffanie's FAVORITE brand of Scrapbooking products?

4. What is the key word "transmission" stand for!!??

5. Whats Sarah's favorite color?

6. There is a post for A WHILE ago - a picture of a fellow attic friend - in a pink Princess crop alot shirt - who is this?

7. What are our nicknames?? ALL of us: Renee, Kristy, Kelli, Debbie, Sarah and Steff

8. What do we like to drink when pulling an all nighter at a crop (there are a few of these that will work?)

9. Finish this quote: "I'm not a princess, my needs are more like a ________________"

10. How old was Jana on her last birthday?

11. When is Steffanie's Birthday?

12. Who was the FIRST person in line for Crop*A*Ganza registration on Monday October 1st?

12. What object took the place of our CHIEF CHEF Keri during the crop*a*ganza registration?

13. What was the date of our ribbon cutting?

14. What color did Rocky and Renee paint our Fridge?

15. Where is MOM right now?

16. What was the deal with Steffanie's hair in May?? Just kidding - that's not really a question - keep your comments to yourself!!!

email them to me/us at scrapfunattic@cox.net


Christie said...

Whew. I am just glad you are finally updated. I was afraid the attic team had fallen off the radar! Just kidding, but I kept checking to see what the new contest was. I still think you should use my other idea on another day! Also, I sucked it up and ordered Christmas cards from Sams. Easy and cheap! It will be on the way to you all!

Summer said...

Woohoooo!!!! I am soo excited!!! Okay I am loving the MM carousel!! I am super excited to get it!!! I called immediately because I knew they would be gone like hot cakes!!! I thought it would be the perfect little gift to myself!! Thanks girls for getting great stuff in all the time!!! Hey what are the colors of the glimmer mist?? Since my so creative child, Johnson colored himself gold with my WHOLE bottle I am in NEED of some more~ btw it washes off! And the some that I did get to use is AWESOME!!!!! Thanks for the challenge!

*Chelle* said...

And I wuf you too Steffy Weffy and the Gang!!!!! LOLOL

You all will LOVE that Doodling book!!! Maelynn is super sweet and the absolute Queen of doodling!!!

See ya later and keep up the fun!!!