Thursday, December 6, 2007

Baby it's COLD outside.......(singalong with me - you too Jennifer - come on - LOUDER!!).....the evening has it's BAD out there.....(sing it BARRY!).......I've got to go's up to your KNeEs out there!!!......... I LOVE this time of year!! LOVE this weather!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! I know - not ALL of you like this weather - like Sarah - she HATES being this cold. but BRING ON THE SNOW!!!!!

So, hows your week going? Ours is never dull, as usual!!! Personally - thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and concerns for my father in law!! He is recovering, still in the hospital - had a few complications - collapsed lung, low blood pressure, etc. - but HOPEFULLY will get to go home tomorrow (cross your fingers!)....I'm hoping he gets to come home, cuz I need someone to break in the "transmission" that Santa is bringing for Christmas!!! (it's really a Wii - but we're calling it a transmission so we can freely talk about it in front of the chillin!!!).....but I'm wanting him to learn how to play all the games so we can bust that thing out on Christmas day and start to play it without having to read through tons of manuals?!!?! So pray for "us" that he gets out soon!!!!

Mom is gearing up for her vacation to MEHICO (yes, I know it's meXico - but you have to say it "meHico"!!!)....she and my dad are going to celebrate his retirement!! FUN FUN!! Sarah and I are SO wishing we were able to go - unfortunately for us - our budget did NOT allow for that right now!!! So, we'll be thinking of her while shes gone - they leave next weekish!

Okay - now - some of you have mentioned the "Dare" challenges that we started a few WEEKS ago.....we're going to RE-START them in January - with the holidays and the rushle, bustle and custle (HHAAAA!!!) we're gonna NOT have challenges for you right now!! So, take a break - but GET READY in January - I've been setting aside some GOOD prizes for that!!! We'll be starting over with the first three we had in the beginning.....

I've updated the January class calendar online - so check it out. I'm REALLY excited about the new year - fresh NEW start - NEW classes - FUN FUN!! Space is limited so check it out asap!!!

Kristy has made some more tins - she is SO talented!!! I just love her tins!!! You'll have to come in and see them - they're only 5.99 - you pay that much for gift wrap, or a sack and bow - so get one and re-use it over and over!!!

Fancy Pants arrived today - we're already restocking the Holly Jolly line - and this time we got the Stick Pins and the Felt and GIANT chipboard shapes - they are SOOOOOO cute!!!

Oh - and the new Reminise Candy Cane Lane Line - Renee"whipped" up a very cute layout - I'll post it later on - when I have my camera here!!!

I had so much more to say - but for some reason I'm hitting a wall right now - so I'm going to close and come back later!!!


Summer said...

Thank you I have been dying to found out those tins are!!! I NEEEEED one!!! I haven't been strapped in my house for days and couldn't come out!!! Soooo happy to be coming in tomorrow morning to get my fix!!!

Lan said...

Prayers for your FIL, hope he gets to feeling better. You girls are breaking my scrapbooking budget with all the cute stuff you have!

Yami said...

Good thoughts coming your way for you and your family.

LOVE Barry! Saw him on PBS the other night. Rich did, he goes around singing Copacabana. I think I've created a monster! LOL!!