Monday, December 3, 2007

HaPpY DeCeMbEr to all of you!!!!

Long time no post!! Things have just been FLYING by.....not real sure WHATs been accomplished just feeling like a "hamster on a wheel" (to quote Jana!).........I personally can use lots and lots of prayers sent my father in law is in the hospital - had open heart surgery (double bi-pass) Friday and is recovering!! So, a wild weekend, we had!!!

But, I have been blogging to you in my HEAD?!! Does that count? Does it count that I'm adding it to my to do list EVERY DAY!?!? I think that should count for something!!!

First, I want to update you on the donations that Scrap*Funattic has made on YOUR behalf!!!
***From Crop*A*Ganza, we donated $200.00 to BOTH the Leukemia and Lymphoma society and the Children's Miracle Network.

***From Scrap*Pink we donated $265.00 to Susan G. Komen and we have donated $300.00 to date to the Victory in the Valley for the Fight Like a Girl shirts. We will continue to donate each month for the proceeds from the shirts!!!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! There's no greater feeling than donating time and/or money to a great cause!!!

Next up - the Ganza T-Shirt Contest - WE FINALLY ARE READY TO ANNOUNCE OUR WINNERS!!!

Yep, I said winnerS....we had a TIE!! THEY don't even know they won yet.........For the FRONT of the shirt Design - Heather Carrier!!!! WE LOVED THE "Slippery when wet" idea that you submitted!!! CONGRATULATIONS HEATHER!!!

And for the "lingo" on the back of the shirt - the winner is: Dawn Hungate!!!! We LOVED the verbage that you and your SCRUBBY worked on and thought it was PERFECT!! You are all going to LOVE the shirts this year!! BOTH of these ladies will receive a FREE CROP*A*GANZA T-Shirt!!! Thank you!!!!

I'm getting with Two Chicks this week to finalize the decisions that we made - as well as the goodie bags - we're doing things a tad bit different this year!!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH LADIES (ALL OF YOU!) FOR YOUR SUBMISSIONS, we had TONS of them and are VERY APPRECIATIVE for all of your ideas!!!! (My favorite "illustration" HAD to be the fax I received from SHANDRA!! YOU CRACK ME UP SISTER!!!!!)

I have to get the website updated - there are several crops coming up in the new year that I'm SURE you're going to enjoy!! So, thats a task for tomorrow after JAZZERCISE!! (yep - I joined back - I just HAD to go back to something that was CONSTANT and FAMILIAR in my life!! - does that make any sense?!?!)

I hope you ALL had a wonderful Thanksgiving.......are your holiday decorations up yet??? Who's done with their holiday shopping??????? (Dana - you don't count!! HA)

I'm also working on the January calendar this week - so hopefully that will start to get published via our website!!!

We have our FINAL Digi class tomorrow night - and I'm looking forward to the next one - so that I can take it and feel like I KNOW WHATS going on!!!! jana really has done a great job!!

I'm feeling SO overwhelmed lately - I hope that you aren't - stop and take a minute for yourself and remember the small details!!! More later!!! Have a great day!!!


Dawn F said...

I will keep you and your in-lwas in my prayers. If there is anything I can do please call. I like this quote about Christmas. I hope you enjoy it also. I think of you and your family and many other people when I read this quote.Christmas is forever, not for just one day,
for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away
like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf.
The good you do for others is good you do yourself.
Norman W. Brooks, “Let Every Day Be Christmas”

Dawn Fuhrman

lizshaughnessy said...

Welcome Back! I missed you :(

I hope your father in-law recovers quickly.

Hopefully i'll make it to the last digi class, considering I missed the last two, it's a toss up! LOL


dk said...

Why don't I count Turkey Stuffing. And what happened to your site.

Christie said...

Glad you are kind of back! Still praying for you all!

Michielle said...

I was wondering what was happening at your household??!!! Hopefully, your FIL will gain his strenght back quickly and be better than ever. Thank goodness things were caught 'in time'!! Thinking of you :)

Danica said...

Thanks sooo much for the prayers-it really means a lot to know that people care. I said one for you and your fam as well. Good to have you back!! See you soon!